Ways to Make Real Profits Online – Online Money Making in 2024

Learn the Basics of Online Money Making – The Best genuine ways to make real profits Online

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In this post, I have explained the basics of various methods (blogging, affiliate marketing, and freelancing) to earn money from online.

This post provides basic information of these methods so that, it will be easy to understand if you are a newbie.

I have explained, “what is blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancing, and its types”.

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ways to make real profits online

The Need for Online Money Making:

Usually, I like to spend much time with my kids, family, and friends. so I thought of earning from home some years before and finally, I did it.

I am not speaking about data entry jobs or remote jobs, I found some methods which will help to generate some reasonable passive income month by month.

Many people including me were searching for a genuine additional income source to support monthly finances because in these days it’s becoming tough to maintain a family.

There is no secured job in every industry and this pulls out the people to find some side hustle online jobs at home.

Luckily, the internet was developed to the highest position that contributes a lot to provide a variety of jobs for every people from everywhere.

If it is possible to earn from home for me, with spending time with my family then its possible for all.

After understanding the basics, then you decide the best suitable way which suits you.

Now, you may be in need of money or having a perfect job, anyhow, you arrived here to find the ways to cash out.

So I assure you, my post will not disappoint you, Let’s scroll further to discuss the topic.

3 Best Ways To Make Real Profits Online in 2024

There are many ways for the people who want to work from home and earn a second income online.

But, I recommend earning money through blogging, affiliate marketing, and freelancing.

The reason behind it is to generate regular and passive second income thru these methods.

  • Blogging – Providing Solution to the queries online.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Selling Affiliate Marketing Products online.
  • Freelancing – Winning and completing projects online.

Let us see in detail one by one,

1.) Earn Money Blogging – Basics of Online Money Making


Blogging is a process of “Providing information or making discussion on a specific topic or niche in a website”.

Bloggers write and post contents on their websites, then, they make people read.

If the information is provided by a single person, who is the author of the website, then it is known as a single-author blog.

If multiple persons are engaged in the process it is known as a multi-author blog.

The main purpose of blogging is to solve and satisfy the audience by providing information for their queries, not money making.

Usually, people start blogging by themselves as a single author and invite other Peoples to blog, when their name and popularity of their websites grew.

Bloggers build their relationships with readers by providing answers and solving their queries.

Bloggers allow audiences to comment and share their contents with other Peoples, in social media so that the information provided will be helpful and reach to all.

A typical blog is provided with text, images, videos, audio, and links to other pages and sites.

Blogging is one of the best ways for people who want to work from home and earn a second income thru online, then comes the purpose, types and, how to start and earn.

1.Purpose of blogging:

If you knew the right purpose of blogging then, there is no doubt there will be huge traffic to your website. So, First, we shall see the purpose and other basic details of blogging.

The Purpose of Blogging differ from blog to blog, it will vary from each individual.

Peoples post blogs to share information and their opinions, to help other peoples, to connect with other communities, to solve queries of newbies, to work from home and earn Income, to have fun etc..,

For example, onlineworkingideas.com website is a blog, where anyone can learn online money making and find information and solutions for their doubts.

In this website, visitors get the solution to their queries and gain knowledge about a subject matter.

This is the main purpose of blogging, if a blogger satisfies a viewer with valuable information then the purpose of that blog is said to be satisfied.

And obviously, if the purpose of a blog is achieved perfectly, then the money generation happens on its own.

2.Types of blogs:

Personal Blog: The personal blog is written by an individual, it may be to share the information or to help other people by solving their queries.

Example blog – www.onlineworkingideas.com

Corporate blogPeople do it with a passion and to earn money. A corporate blog is carried out by companies and corporates.

Their main purpose is to provide information and to promote their service, not money making, they provide information about their products to the public for their understandings.

Example blog – www.berkshirehathaway.com

Tutorial blog: In the Tutorial blog peoples share information on how to’s. This blog act as a guide to other people needs.

Example blog – www.programmingsimplified.com

Review blogIn review blog, Bloggers provide reviews about a certain product or services. Those reviews are read by the audience to make a decision about the product or service.

Example blog – thewirecutter.com

But in our blog, we discuss only, about personal blogging that is earning money thru blogging.

3. How to Start Blogging?

If you decide to earn thru blogging, then we should follow the basic steps.

Blogging can be started by following these five basic steps.

  1. Select the best blogging Platform.
  2. Choose a blogging Niche.
  3. Produce Content on Niche.
  4. Generate Traffic / Find your audience
  5. Monitise and Make money

This is a small glance at blogging.

And, one more thing to say, that not all bloggers are making money, only who do it perfectly can make money from blogging.

Next, we shall discuss affiliate marketing.

2.) Affiliate Marketing – Basics of Online Money Making:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process of referring a product to your audience arriving in your blog, to purchase.

If a person purchases a product for your reference, then you will get some percentage commission on every sale.

The platform may be a text-sharing website or video sharing websites like YouTube etc.,

For example,

If you decide to purchase an audio headset. You start searching the website for the best audio headset on the market.

After googling you found a site, which provides pieces of information, reviews about the best headset.

You landed there and gathered all the information about the product.

On the same page, the blogger recommends and provide a link to purchase the Headset.

If someone purchases the product thru the link, then the blogger will receive some percentage of commission for the sale.

This is the concept of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing and blogging are two different types of models by which people make money.

Bloggers earn thru ads placed on their blogs and affiliate earn by recommending products or services.

Most of the review blogs generate income thru recommending and selling the affiliate products.

Amazon Affiliates, Clickbank, and commission junction are some of the best affiliate networks by which many affiliates make money.

There are high ticket affiliate marketing products available, where the commission for single sale is more than 1000 dollars.

Affiliate marketing is a big industry, Amazon India, Flipkart, GoDaddy, HostGator, are some of the examples for companies, which promotes affiliate marketing.

Below is an example of an affiliate marketing product of Bluehost recommended on a website.

Affiliate Marketing_Sample Page

Similar to this, you can recommend any number of products or services to buy and earn a commission.

2.1.) Sources to Promote Affiliate Products:

The main purpose of making affiliate websites is to promote affiliate products and earn a commission from it. There are ways, by which you can create websites and promote affiliate products.

Other than SEO, Bing ads, Google ads, Facebook ads, are some of the sources by which you can promote your affiliate links.

Google AdWords provides massive access to their network by displaying your ads to sell the products.

Anybody can explore and select the targeted audience and make them visit your website.

Facebook ads are another alternate ads for Google. In facebook ad campaign also, you can select the audience by demographic and make them visit your website.

Providing reviews, Promoting in communities, utilizing social media are some of the other methods to promote and earn money from affiliate products.

 2.2.) Tools used for Affiliate Products:

There are tools available which help us to analyze and monitor our affiliate sales. Ambassador is one of the tools, which makes our work easier, we can easily monitor the clicks and commissions we made up to date and we can change our strategy for affiliate selling.

Moreover, WordPress provides us with lots of plugins which helps us to insert affiliate links, banners, videos into the content easily.

2.3.) Pros of Affiliate marketing model:

Among the many methods for online income generation, affiliate marketing is one of the successful business models.

Since this business model has many advantages for both affiliates and merchants, it is more popular.

Some of the advantages are as below.,

  • You don’t need any startup cost. You can start to sell affiliate products with almost nil money investment(by free promotions)
  • No customer service required. You don’t need to process orders, answers phone calls or carry out shipping procedures etc.,
  • The other advantage of affiliate marketing is you don’t need to maintain the inventory of the products you sell or maintain a warehouse for rent etc.,

2.4.) Choose best affiliate programs:

Affiliate programs act as an intermediate between the product merchants and the affiliate sellers. After selecting the best and your suitable affiliate programs who can sign up and start selling.

In affiliate marketing, you earn a commission by three basic models.

  • CPS
  • CPC
  • CPL

And, The earning commission varies based on different types of products or the popularity of the product you choose.

Commission also vary based on the affiliate merchants you choose.

You can find the best affiliate programs by googling it on the internet to choose from.

Some of the popular and best affiliate programs hire only the experienced affiliates whereas some other merchants hire freshers too.

For freshers, I personally suggest amazon associates, if you want to start by selling physical or digital products.

2.5.) Procedure to Start Affiliate Marketing:

  • Decide your Niche product
  • Research your niche related affiliate programs
  • Make a website
  • Produce great content
  • Find your audience
  • Promote your affiliate products
  • Make a sale and earn commissions


CPA Marketing is another type of business model to earn money as like affiliate marketing. The difference between the both is, in CPA marketing one can also earn commissions by selling the leads, not a product.

I suggest to new online marketers first to gain skill with CPA marketing before start selling the affiliate marketing products.

3.) Freelancing – Basics of Online Money Making


There are many freelancing websites, on which clients and freelancers are registered members, the registration may be paid or free.

Clients post a project with his budget and all freelancers bid to win the projects.

The project may be of any type like the design, article writing, data entry, form filling, programming, auditing etc.., and mostly it will be a short-term project.

Once client post a project, all freelancers will bid and finally, the client goes thru all bids, conduct the interview and decide a suitable freelancer for that project.

There are many websites offers to freelance, most of them are genuine websites.

If anybody has a skillset in a particular subject matter, then they join these sites to earn.

For Example,

If I have experience in logo design, I enroll in the below websites and create a profile of my experience. I will start to bid for the new projects daily, once I win a project from a client I will complete it to earn money from these websites.

Here I have provided some of the best websites for freelancers and employers.

These are some of the websites where you can register and make a second income from it.

So, above are the “Basics of Online Money Making – Top 3 Best ways to make money online”.

I recommend you to earn by above three proven and guaranteed methods.

The time spent on freelancing, writing articles or Affiliate marketing will be useful, knowledgeable and interesting, whereas other ways like watching ads or filling surveys for income generation won’t give you such an experience.

After gaining more experience with the above methods, you will become best at it and will be useful for future plans.

Few Other Ways to Earn Money

Some other genuine ways to generate income online,

  • Website buying and selling
  • Guest Posting
  • Article writing

1.) Earn online by Website buying and selling:

This is Known as Flipping Websites. There are sites, where you can buy and sell websites.

The concept behind this is, buy a site for low price and post a sale to earn a good profit.

For this, you don’t need any technical knowledge.

Else you can also do it like, build a website, monetise it and post a sale for huge and handsome profit.

2.) Earn by Guest Posting:

For guest posting, you need to be good at article writing.

Always there is a need for interesting, knowledgeable and fresh articles for bloggers.

Websites are available where you can register and ask for guest posting.

By posting articles on those websites, one can earn money.

3.) Earn by Article Writing:

This is similar to freelancing, where you can earn by writing articles.

Some websites provide writing projects, where clients post a requirement for articles.

So those are my thoughts on earning online. if you have any different ideas on it, I suggest you share and comment below.

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