How To Write a Good Article and engage your audience in 2024?

Know, how to write a good article to reduce your website bounce rate.

Bloggers are experts in conveying their thoughts to the visitors. The engagement rate of the best bloggers with his visitors is high.

Best bloggers produce contents and present to their audience in such a way that, their visitors visits often their blogs.It’s essential for a beginner blogger to develop and master writing skill.

As a beginner blogger, it may be confusing, where to start? How to explain? and steps to follow to write a good article and so on.,

So, in this post let us discuss how to write a good article.

How to write a good article

How to write a good article

First of all, be confident, it’s an easy job. Content writing is not Rocket science.

Google nowadays accept blogs with different languages. If you knew your native language or little English knowledge you can make it.

Yes, We need to follow a set of procedures while writing the article.

If we write and present it in such a way, then it is a great article to read.

I too developed my writing skill only after I started blogging. So, it’s possible.

I feel below are some of the main factors to produce good engaging content.

  • Choose an attractive and engaging title.
  • Give an introduction to the post.
  • Make it short and simple, but valuable.
  • Add images and build links.
  • Make readers discuss.

1. Choose an attractive and engaging title

Post title

The title of the post should be compelling, it should evoke interest to your readers.

Readers search google to find answers to their questions, so ask a question in your title. You can search Quora, Twitter, Buzzsumo for the best title for your post.

The title should make your audience attentive, and the post should solve the purpose of the title.

Adding the list in the title, eg., top 5 gainers, best 10 recipes etc., gain more visitors.

Add best keywords in the title with the help of google keyword planner.

2. Give an introduction to the post

Post Introduction

The introduction makes it is easy to draw the visitor’s attention and let them get into the post.

Including a story or numbers, statics on the introduction make them feel curious to read the post till the end.

Provide information about the purpose of the post in the introduction to make them ensure and continue reading.

Explain how the post will address the problem of the reader and provide a solution for them.

3. Make it detailed and simple, but valuable

Short and simple

The best post should be long and detailed, you can finish a post within 3500 words.

Use simple words, provide valuable and useful content.

Give worthy details, A detailed blog post will attract more readers and drive good traffic to blog.

Avoid writing a lengthy paragraph, rather provide it with bullet points.

4. Add images and build links

Image wins

The posts with images attract more readers compared to the post without the image.

Understand the title, purpose of a post and provide image accordingly, you cant see a post without images.

Research tells us, the best article has an average of 3 images, and 10 links in it.

You can download images online for free from pixabay,, etc.,

A good post should contain internal and external links provided.

Internal links provided between your posts, and external links to other high authority blogs.

You can build links by guest posting, identifying your competitor’s linkers and ask them to add you.

5. Make readers discuss

Finally, Provide a conclusion for your post and explain you have solved this and that.

Ask a question with the readers and make them engage with you.

Ask them to share and participate in comments and reviews.

Spend time to answer their comments to build a relationship with readers.

So, these are some of the main factors as I think to write a good article.

Now, I think you have got an idea on “How To Write An article“?

And finally, Practice makes perfection. Start blogging and write articles, day by day you will gain experience and will become a master in article writing.

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