Top 10 Passive Income Strategies To Earn Money in 2019

Learn, the top passive income strategies to earn money in 2019

Is there anybody who doesn’t like an income month by month straight to their bank account by passive income strategies? No, everyone likes passive money

Passive income does require some work, but less compared to other kinds of regular income source.

The beauty of passive income is, your investment works for you even when you sleep.

Keeping that in mind, let me share some of the highly trustable passive income sources as of 2019 in this post.

Apart from their regular monthly salary, anybody can utilize these methods to increase their annual income.

Ok, let me share one by one below,

Top Passive Income Strategies 1

Top Passive Income Strategies To Earn Money

A popular Quote about passive income

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, 

  you will work until you die.” – Warren Buffett

Can you realize the purpose and the power of passive income?

Below are the top passive income strategies to earn in 2019

1. Stock Investment

Stock investment is one of the best methods to earn passive income year by year.

You can earn money from the stock market either by trading or by investing.

But you can earn passive income only by investing in equities, with proper planning.

Investing in trust able high dividend stocks helps to earn a good passive income annually.

Anybody can open a trading account to start investing in the share market.

Discuss with the investment manager and ask for some of the well-performing best high dividend yield stocks to invest in.

2. Corporate Bond Investment

Corporate bond investment is another vehicle with low risk and high returns.

You can purchase bonds of best corporate for best prices to taste huge returns annually.

Comparing to other investment vehicles, corporate bonds are one of the safest to earn a good passive income.

But, corporate bonds are considered as a riskier when compared to government bonds.

3. Real Estate Investment

You can make passive income from real estate investment by two methods

One is flipping the property, that is buying and selling and the other is rental income.

You may be heard of REITs, which makes it more easier for all to invest in real estates

With the help of crowdfunded platforms like fundraisers, you can start investing with a minimum amount.

You can start income-producing investments with even $5 investment from companies like richuncles

4. Blogging Income

Another source of passive income is thru websites.

You can start blogging to earn good passive income from it. But initially, it needs some work to set the website with posts.

You have to learn content writing, and digital marketing to bring in some passive income from blogging.

If you are not interested in blogging and SEO stuff, you can simply buy an income generating websites online to produce passive income.

5. Sell an Online Course

Nowadays, many numbers of online learning platforms are available.

If you are master in any skill, you can create your own course and sell it online.

Online platforms like udemy, skillshare, Lynda are available for free or with small charges to register and start to sell your online course.

If you are familiar with cooking, travel spots or even whatever, you can design a new course to teach.

Top Passive Income Strategies 2

6. Sell an Ebook

Sites like Amazon, eBay allows you to sell your ebook online.

Before getting into this, you need to develop content writing and presenting skills.

You can take a look at Amazon’s kindle direct publishing to know how it works.

Once you created your ebook, publisher promotes your ebook to make a sale.

Apart from the publisher, you can also put your work, to sell your product.

If the author is familiar with digital marketing knowledge then it is even more, easier to make passive income from ebooks.

7. Invest in Business

Be as one of the investors in a business to generate a passive income.

Every startup business is looking for investors to invest in. Among them, you can analyse and select a business which suits your budget.

Invest and be a silent partner with the business, its obvious your passive income grow if you invest in the right business.

Or even you can buy a small business to make a passive income.

8. Rent Your Car

Do you own a car? If yes, then there is one more way for you to make a passive dime

Nowadays, many apps like, getaround, turo, drivy etc., are available by which you can rent your car to make money.

Based on your location you need to register on the application to start rent your car.

Car sharing platforms connect car owners with the customers, who don’t own or need to use their own cars for trips.

They also help us to connect with the drivers to rent your cars to earn you monthly passive income.

9. Business Outsourcing

Getting involved in all business activities yourself teaches you a solid lesson, of course,

But, after learning the lessons, it’s better to outsource, by which you can develop and earn handsome passive income.

The need for business outsourcing here is to concentrate on more other passive incomes.

10. Create app & Use cashback websites

Building an application for a usage helps to make passive income.

There is no need for coding skills to design and build an app today.

Now anybody can build their own app from sites like to solve a purpose, and sale it for download online.

Else, you can even monetize the app to earn passive income.

You can make some pocket money from the cashback sites

Cashback websites like Swagbucks, ebates, etc., provides cashback for every shopping you make.


so these are some of the top passive income strategies to make money in 2019.

Apart from these, many methods are available, but I have mentioned out some trustable sources to make passive income.

If you know any new methods you can comment below

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