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As per statistics, the mowing business is one of the developing and booming business and has a net worth of $99.5 billion in revenue for 2024

It has a annual growth rate of 3.5% between 2016 to 2021 (even during Covid period)

SB moving is one of the lawn care industry in united states, where he also uploads videos on grass cutting in YouTube and earn a income.

In this post first we shall discuss about SB mowing and how much amount he make on YouTube showing grass cutting videos.

The main advantage of mowing videos are it provides satisfying feeling to its viewers.

Not only mowing, for example you take fruits cutting it also provides the satisfying feeling to the viewers.

Ok, let us get in to the topic.

What is Mowing ?

Mowing is a type of lawn care business, where the services provided to maintain the lawn.

The services include mowing, weeding, trimming, edging for walk ways and drive ways.

how much does sb mowing make on youtube

This business requires a mower or trimmer to start this kind of services.

You can start as a maintenance, or as a seasonal service.

Some business also provide fertilization services also to maintain the grass healthy and green.

Who/What is SB Mowing ?

SB Mowing is a YouTube channel having around 1.95 million subscribers as of April 2024.

Apart from their mowing business, they also publish videos on lawn mowing and earn a income on its views thru YouTube.

SB Mowing is owned by Mr. Spencer.

how much does sb mowing make on youtube

Mr. spencer started to mow lawn when he was around 11 years old.

First he started his business in his hometown Wichita, KS.

He used his father’s mowers and trimmers to cut and maintain the grass on his neighbors houses.

During his middle School, he slowly grew up his customers.

When he was in high school, he saved money much enough to buy his own mower.

On evenings he went out and search for overgrown lawns where people needed some help.

He saw in YouTube that some channels provided free of service on this kind of lawn mowing business.

So, he also started to upload mowing videos on YouTube and generated income from views.

How Much Does SB Mowing Make On YouTube ?

SB Mowing is created by Mr. Spenser Bridgeman.

As of 2024, he is 29 years old.

SB Mowing has a net worth of $720,000 US dollars.

SB Mowing generates its income mostly from you tube ads. Its around 70% of their total monthly income.

How Much Does SB Mowing Make On YouTube Per Month ?

In last paragraph we discussed about How much does SB mowing make on YouTube,

Here we shall see the details of how much they make on YouTube per month.

To know these details, I visited Social blade and provided the user name of SB Mowing.

SB moving has a total Grade of B.

Social Blade rank is 66,121.

Subscriber rank is 1166.

Video views rank is 76,129.

SB Mowing estimated monthly earning is $2.2K  –  $35.8K.

SB Mowing estimated yearly earning is $26.9K  –  $430K.

Below i have provided the snap shot from social blade for your reference.

how much does sb mowing make on youtube

Ok, apart from how much SB Mowing earn from YouTube, we shall see some other details about SB Mowing.

Who Is SB Mowing Spencer Wife ?

Spencer do show his mowing and trimming skills and to find the grass that are in bad condition.

He also own a Pressure washing channel apart from his mowing business.

He is married to his girl friend and her name is a Andrea.

how much does sb mowing make on youtube

Andrea help SB Mowing by editing and posting the videos on You Tube.

They both Travel to people asked destination to clean and trim the grass that are in trouble.

They clean the sidewalks, driveways by providing free service.

As of 2024, SB Mowing is having around 20 million followers including Tik tok and Instagram.

How Much Money Does SB Mowing Make On Tiktok ?

I searched for the income of SB Mowing on Tiktok, but unfortunately we cant able to find the exact income of SB mowing only on Tiktok.

But we found some statistical data of SB Mowing on tiktok.

Below i have provided the snap shot of the data on tiktok.

how much does sb mowing make on youtube

How Much Does SB Mowing Make A Year ?

To know these details, we should first understand the source of income SB Mowing totally have.

According to the data’s on internet, SB Mowing income sources are from their Mowing business and income from YouTube.

Apart from SB Mowing business, Mr. Spencer also own SB Pressure washing.

SB Mowing has social media accounts in YouTube, Instagram, Tik tok, Facebook and snap chat.

They have more number of followers in each social media accounts.

Here is the snap shot of the account details from their website

how much does sb mowing make on youtube

They also sell the merch and the equipment they use on their website.

Ok, we shall see one by one, how much SB Mowing is making a year.

SB Mowing Business:

The Mowing Business Profit margin ranges from 5% to 20% per task.

The income depends on how much work labor you have, the equipment and the type of work.

For example, simple lawn mowing job may provide you with profit 25%.

Where as larger job provides you smaller profit margin.

So, on their business alone, you can do a rough calculation on above data to find out their income.

SB Mowing You tube income:

Sb Mowing make their 70% of income thru the you tube ads.

Their monthly income from you tube is around $2.2k to $35.8 k

SB Mowing yearly income from YouTube is around $26.9k to $430k

As i said earlier, they also get income from other social medias and also from the merch and equipment they sell online.

Did SB Mowing Move To Florida ?

The founder of SB mowing Mr. Spencer and his business is in Wichita, Kansa.

They offer free lawn maintaining services to the people who cant afford the lawn care services.

They do their job and post the videos on different social handles and generate income from it.

Mr. Spencer’s Story And How You Can Achieve Success Like Him

The Start

Mr. Spencer’s home town is Wichita, KS.

When he was around 11 years old, he used his father’s mower, trimmer to cut his first yards.

Initially he started to serve to his neighbors.

Then slowly he grew up his customers one by one during his middle school studies.

He saved up enough money to purchase his own mowing equipment when he was studying in high school.

His first equipment mower and trimmers are vey cheap and fold type from Harbor freight, he can able to store it easily on his garage.

Mr. Spencer’s dad initiated him on weekend’s to take lawn mowing tasks on neighbors.

But at that he doesn’t hold license for his business which was holding him back to grow his business further.

Growth Of SB Mowing

While at the age of 16, he learned to drive his dad’s truck.

With the help of his dad’s truck he started driving to pick and serve the lawn mowing orders on other places.

First he created flyers and promoted his Facebook page about his business and grew his clients.

Really these promotions helped him by where he was working on most of the evenings and week ends.

While the business grows he was in need to more labors to complete his work on time, So he seek his brothers help who was studied in middle school.

His brother was his companies first employee.

They both worked very hard during their weekends and evenings and business grew up about 25 yards per week.

College Studies

Mr. Spencer like to study in college university, but he was financially out of reach.

So, he decided to get a good score on ACT test which provide him a scholarship.

He took about 10 test and lot of reading he increased his score from 20 to 32.

32 score is the number considered on most of the universities surrounding in his area.

Finally he attained the 32 score, but at that time the scholarship was ended.

With the help of his mom, they contacted the scholarship board in K state.

After a week alter they received a call from university about his admission.

Mr. spencer was admitted at the Putnam scholarship which cover full tuition fee for 4 years.

how much does sb mowing make on youtube

College to Business

His college was around 2.5 hours away from his business.

So, he had to find out how to run his business, since he was away from it.

He employed 2 more persons to take care of it. He promoted his brother to take a lead position.

Mr. Spencer visited his business during every weekends and took part in mowing activities as much as possible.

His clients base grown up about 60-70 numbers.

He completed his college and graduated with bachelor of computer science and moved back to his hometown Wichita to start his job as a mobile app developer.

While he was working, his business run by his peoples, sometimes he move to clients place to carry out mowing work on weekends.

YouTube Entry

While his business was growing up, he saw in YouTube some peoples are posting lawn mowing videos.

They provided their services for free.

This approach attracted Mr. spencer and one fine day in 2020, he also started to make and upload videos on you tube.

After spending so much time on editing the videos he uploaded it on youtube.

His wife also suggested him to make as a shorter video to upload on tik tok.

Once he uploaded his videos he got positive feedback from the viewers,

Viewers like his personality, way of speaking etc., and views increased to 6 million with in couple of days.

By posting videos on YouTube and other social handles, he grew up his subscribers up to 30 million and 3 billion annual views.

All this comes from hard work and dedication of Mr. Spencer.

Now he become one of the largest lawn care and pressure washing business in US.

So, this is the inspiring story of Mr. Spencer, now we shall move to out next topic, how you can do it too,

How You Can Achieve Success Like Mr. Spencer

After reading the story of spencer, the key take away are

  • Start Early
  • Consistency
  • Don’t Give Up
  • Use Social Media

Start Early as possible

If you are in any stage or point at this time, don’t worry, think today is the right time to start your business.

Its not about the type of business you run, its about the mindset and the attitude which will brings you success.

So, start and act now on your dreams.


If you are in to any business or online money making methods don’t just give up.

Work consistently to achieve your goal.

Detach yourself from emotions and handle the situations calmly.

If you doing online work, Try to post consistently or work towards on your business consistently.

Don’t Give up

Its easy to give up during any situation, and its easy to blame others. Don’t just be like that,

Work harder and smarter, Be responsible for what you do.

If Mr. spencer is like ordinary person its easy to give up his business during his college days, but he thought differently and grew up his business at that time.

Use Social Media

Now a days every business has a another chance to attain their success, yes its online marketing.

If your business is not running properly on offline, try out online.

Use social media, learn it and create your business profile to enlarge your business reach.

Learn online marketing, learn SEO, digital marketing or even hire a digital marketing agency to take care of it.

So, these are some of the details about the SB Mowing.

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