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Hi! In this post we shall discuss about how long does it take to edit a YouTube video ?

On recent days the customer’s appetites for video content is keep on increasing.

YouTube has approximately 900 million users worldwide as of 2024.

Do you know how many hours of YouTube videos uploaded every minute ?

Statistics shows us, nearly 500 hrs. of video content are uploaded in YouTube every minute.

This is approximately equal to 30,000 hours of content uploaded in every hour.

These You tubers edit their video content before uploading to the channel

So, in this post we shall see how long does it take to edit a YouTube video ?

Ok, lets get in to it.

how long does it take to edit a youtube video

How long does it take to edit a youtube video ?

Editing a YouTube video is one of the time consuming process before uploading to the channel.

The time for editing will be more or less based on the changes to be done on music, color grading, timing etc.,

Most professional video editors say that, it will take around 1 to 1.5 hours to edit a one minute video.

Based on that, if you want edit a 30 minute video, it will consume around 40 hours.

If we consider as a channel, editing is only one part of the whole process.

Even editors spend a whole day, to find a perfect background music for the video while editing.

Before starting a video to edit, it should be planned elaborately.

Like, what are the changes to done on music part, then on color grading, looping required etc..,

For planning a edit in video, this may take several minutes to hours depending upon the length of the video.

Filming take several hours, after filming is done, video editor get in to the scene.

Basically the content of the video decides the time consumption for the editing.

Below are the factors, which are to be considered for the time calculation of the video editing.

  • Content quality
  • Content Type
  • Length of the content
  • Editors Experience and skill level
  • Style of Editing
how long does it take to edit a youtube video

Content Quality

The Quality of the video play a vital role in editing the video.

It is Difficult to edit the low quality work.

It will take time to edit the video if the quality is not good.

If the file is large and the quality is poor, it will take long time for the system (computer) and also for the editor to work upon.

So, the quality of the content matters the most.

Video editing is not a easy skill, it will take more time to edit.

And, If you are new bee and in learning stage, it will take even more time to edit.

For the well professional video editing, it should be outsource to the skilled editor.

This is the way you can edit the video and to get the desired output.

There are large number of freelancers and agencies present, who can do Professional and good video editing up to the standard.

Content Type

The Type of the content is another one of the factor to be considered while video editing.

There are many genres of video, based on the type it will take more time to edit the video.

The time required to edit the vlog type content will be more, than comparing to the marriage or travel like video.

Because in the vlog type of content the storyline will not be clear and it takes time to edit.

Since the travel or marriage type of content has a clear storyline, its easy to edit and form a final output.

But in vlogs, it should be edited scene by scene and you need to show your creativity to present it as a quality work.

So, Editing time of the video based on the type of content.

You need to more creative and expertise to edit the vlog videos.

You can also outsource the video editing work to online platforms like Fiverr and up work.

Length of the content

Editing time varies based on the length of the content.

If the content length is more, it required more time to edit and complete it.

Whereas if the length is small, it requires only little time to edit the content.

While editing, editor will do cut, insert music, layout and all other activities.

So, the editing time will consume more for larger files.

Editor’s Experience and skill level

Editing time varies for the professional editor and new bie editor.

Experienced editor know the way on how to approach the content editing and they can complete the task as early as possible.

But if you are newbie, you need more time to edit since you are in learning phase.

If you outsource the editing job to a experienced editor you can get a quality output, but their service charges may be high.

If you are not much bothered about the quality output, you can outsource to a new editor.

Style of editing

Every editor has their own style of approach to edit the video.

It will differ person to person.

For example, some editor may be interested in inserting a intro clip while starting the content.

But some other editor don’t like to insert clips and background music to their content.

So, the editing style is also one of the factor while considering the time to edit the video.

Assume, a Spiderman movie or Jurassic park movie without background music and editing work.

If the content quality is good, the style of editing will boost up the quality of the content.

Below are some the time required to edit the YouTube video.

how long does it take to edit a youtube video

How long does it take to edit a 20 minute video ?

It may require 1 hour to edit a simple video of 20 minutes length.

How long does it take to edit a 30 minute youtube video ?

For editing a 30 minute YouTube video, it may require 1 hour to 3 hours.

How long does it take to edit a 1-minute video ?

It requires 15 to 30 minutes to edit 1 minute video.

How long does it take to edit a 5 minute video ?

You can edit a 5 minute video in 45 minutes.

How long does it take to edit a 10 minute video ?

It require 1 hour to edit a 10 minute video.

But, these are only approximate timings required to edit the video, as said before, editing time differs based on the factors mentioned earlier.

So, these are some of the points which will decide the time required to edit the YouTube video.

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