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Meet Md.haneef  –  Blogger / Mechanical Engineer

Welcome to onlineworkingideas.com where you can find the sources and learn to generate online and passive income.


Hi there, I am Haneef a professional blogger and digital Marketer of thirties, residing in India with my family.

A mechanical engineer by profession and a father of two kids, I surfed the internet a lot to find solutions for my kid’s health issues and for some other basic needs to my family.

Sometimes I went thru some blogs and posts which inspired me a lot and made me a bogger.

Then I started blogging and found it was very heart-full and satisfying by sharing the useful pieces of information with you.

I am passionate about making money online, CPA marketing and affiliate marketing. I love to share my knowledge.

Why I built this website onlineworkingideas.com

Onlineworkingideas.com is built for the people who want to earn money from online. The blog is designed in such a way that everybody can understand easily.

They can learn step by step the whole process of online money making.

The main intention of this blog to make you earn money from online.

Vision: Making people financially independent and helping to fulfill their life dreams.

Our Mission: Providing valuable, trustable and friendly methods of online income generating techniques.

Our core values include Integrity, Trustworthy, Inspiration, Success, Discipline and Creativity.

And onlineworkingideas helps the people who,

► Are struggling to make money from online, with zero experience.

► Need to work from (home)wherever or whenever they wish.

► Are willing to generate an additional side income to fulfill their day-to-day needs.

► Are expecting to earn extra cash to pursue their life with travel.

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Passive Income:

In this modern world, everything is constantly updating and changing day by day. As a mechanical engineer, I have seen plenty of updations in my work process and production methods for the past 15 years.

Especially automation and artificial intelligence have developed so much, it grabs so many jobs from the human.

There comes the requirement for financial security, and a constant income generation to feed the family.

Internet and digital marketing are evolving nowadays which gives us hope to make a living utilizing it.

In addition to the full-time job, if anyone learns and master online marketing skills, it helps them to support their financial needs on a day to day needs or during an emergency.

Passion Income:

Everyone in this busy world requires a passion and hobby to relieve their stress to lead a peaceful life. What if I told you that “your passion can help you to generate money?”.

Yes, you have heard it right. If anyone makes it as a passion, he not only relieving stress but also making money at the same time.

Do you need to make “Your Passion Your Paycheque” or “Be Your Own Boss” or

If you are already working and “Want to generate a Passive income?”

If yes, you arrived in the right place, here in onlineworkingideas.com, you find posts covered on topics to make you money,

After searching, implementing and testing various ways to generate income from online, I have come up with some of the genuine ways.

So, I thought of creating a website with those methods where anybody can learn and implement the ways to make money.

In this website onlineworkingideas.com, from A to Z, you will find detailed posts on blogging, affiliate marketing, and freelancing.

I have written the posts on each topic detailed step by step to make you understand. And I will update these posts periodically, as it changes.

I suggest to master any one of these skills based on your requirement and start to earn money from it. The main purposes of these posts are to make you money.

These posts will be helpful for you to earn money online. If you found any difficulty in understanding the posts or had any query, please leave a comment below the posts.

I believe those topics of posts will be useful and productive for your time spent and, it will guide you to make money working from anywhere in the world.

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