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Know, how to make money with Vindale Research today  survey website in 2020.

Vindale research is a market survey company, paying to their panelists by completing the surveys.

Taking surveys for money is one of the way to cash out some extra cash,

And, if its from a trusted brand means then, there is no worry on payment.

You may knew Swag bucks, and Inbox dollars, trusted brands in US to earn and save money, Vindale Research is also one among them.

How To Make Money with Vindale Research

Vindale research reviews

There are dozens of market research companies in the world.

They recruit panellists based on demographic or personal interests to work with them.

when brands need to do market research on their product, they use these kinds of market research companies to get the opinions.

And those research companies pay and incentivize the panellists to get their opinions.

There comes the purpose of market research company like vindale research.

Vindale Research

Vindale research is a survey community which pays for opinions and other small tasks.

They have tie up with most popular brands and panelists to get the real feedback about a product.

The panelists get paid for participating in real surveys and providing their review about the products from popular brands like netflix, amazon etc.,

Companies assign tasks to them to hear about the opinion of public.

Based on the opinions they alter and upgrade their product before releasing.

Once you signed up with them, you will receive invitations to participate in their surveys.

VR encourage new panellists and existing survey takers to contact them thru social medias to be a part of their family.

So in this post, lets see how you can make money with Vindale Research today and also the pros, cons of them.

Believe me, If you read this article fully without skipping and apply it, sure you will make money end of the day.

OK, lets get in to it!

Is Vindale research a legitimate company?

Yes, vindale research is a legitimate company to work with.

But the incentive you get after completing the survey is low.

When comparing to blogging, affiliate marketing methods, the amount earned thru the vindale research (survey websites) is very low.

You have to spend nearly 20 minutes to complete a survey, but the compensation for the time spent is low may be half or one dollar.

And one more issue is, after answering for a bunch of questions you might not be eligible to take part in survey.

Vindale research sign up


Before getting part in surveys, you have to signup with them thru email or thru facebook.

For signup thru email, you have to fill up with email id, name and other profile details.

The information provided in Vindale Research signup is to contact you regarding survey opportunities, payments and for other special promotions.

How much can you make at Vindale research?

The advantage of using vindale research comparing other survey site is, they pay well.

It depends on the length of the survey and how many members (survey-takers) are eligible.

Signing up is free and easy. Try taking paid online surveys now and see if you enjoy getting paid for your opinion.

For completing a survey, they will pay you between 0.50$ to 50.0$

There is a good chance to earn good money from vindale.

Also, you will be awarded commission $.5.0 to referring a new persons to VR.

You must be at-least 18 years old to participate in the surveys to make money.

Get paid to take surveys online


Vindale research is the secured free survey site for those who wants to earn money online.

It is one of the trust-able and reliable survey site to make money.

Usually, from these kind of websites, you cant depend it for living, but you can make some extra cash only.

First let’s start with a small video about Vindale research

Eligibility to take surveys ?

After signup you have to fill-up your profile details.

The surveys are based on your profile experience, knowledge about a product or simply with your age factor.

Currently they accept panellists from US, UK, Australia and Brazil, the age should be more than 18 years.

What topics do paid surveys cover?

Paid online surveys cover many categories includes (but not limited to):

  • Automotive
  • Beauty/Cosmetics
  • Beverages
  • Education
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment/Movies/TV
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Gambling
  • Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals
  • Home Improvement
  • Technology
  • Pets
  • Politics
  • Publishing/Newspapers/Books
  • Restaurants
  • Sports
  • Toys
  • Travel
  • Video games

Reviews from the customers

vindale research

vindale research

vindale research

Sample Surveys

Find below some of the categories of survey examples

vindale research

vindale research

They assign surveys automatically based on your previous tasks and based on your profile information, so there is no need to search for surveys suits to you.

Assume, if anybody post new surveys, you get an alert thru their chrome extension. How cool it is ?

vindale invitation

Yes! they have a chrome extension provides alert on new surveys.

They also have other money earning options like sweep stakes, prize drawings, contests etc., to make income.

Make money with review (Vindale Research)

You can make payment by providing your review after you got your first payment.

Their marketing strategy is like, once you got your payment cheque you can take a snap shot of the payment, your testimonial and submit them.

For this, they will provide you with $5.0 bonus.

Yes! you saw some smiling faces with cheque on this post are peoples who wrote their testimonials and earn money.

Make money with reward codes
vindale research

They post reward codes by which you can earn 0.10$. There is no schedule to post these codes.

We have to check out their pages often for new codes to earn money.

Once you got the reward codes, you have to enter in to the website and earn money.

You can also checkout their Facebook page, twitter and other social media accounts for the codes.

Make money with videos
vindale research

You can make money by watching their videos.

The videos my be on surveys or its on advertisement.

If you check for the videos on your survey page, you can find whether you are eligible for the one.

Making money by reading mails options are also available now, but soon they are closing this option on June 2019.


  • You will earn cash, not points for every task you complete.
  • Many options to earn money, not only surveys.
  • You can receive payments thru pay-pal.
  • Their payout is high, compare to other similar survey websites.


  • The payout threshold is $50.0 which is high comparing to other sites.
  • Only eligible countries can signup and take surveys.
  • Most of the surveys assigned according to demographic location.
Final conclusion

My suggestion on Vindale research company is good to go and make money.

And you can signup immediately here to participate in surveys.

As i told before, you cant earn everyday due to lack in survey eligibility.

You cant make money for living, but can make some extra cash or pocket money.

I prefer my 3 best ways to make money online for living

Know, some of the best websites to make money from home in 2020

Are you struggling with the shot of cash? Are you searching for some other side hustles or websites to make money.

Apart from your full-time job, are you in need of online jobs to make some pocket money?

If yes, then this post is just for you.

In this post, I have mentioned some of the best and most trustable websites from where you can work and earn some extra cash.

You Performed right, even you can earn more than your full-time job from some of these sites.

websites to make money

Best Websites To Make Money From Home in 2019

Some of the websites mentioned below take time to make money some don’t.

Ok, Let us get into detail one by one. Be with me and read up to last.

Amazon Mechanical Turk


M Turk is a crowd sourcing internet marketplace.

The requestors and individuals coordinate with each other to work and get paid.

The requestors post small tasks known as HITs, which was not actually performed by the computer.

The signed up individuals complete these simple tasks to get paid.

The Hits are like choosing a better photo among several, adding the description to a product, etc.,



Lionbridge is a multinational software services company, nearly it has around 6000 employees working worldwide.

Language localization, translation, transcription, software testing are some of the core jobs carried out by them.

It was founded in 1996 and ranked no 2 on top 100 language service providers.

You can upload your CV and register as a freelancer or agency to get the job.



Appen is a global company has employees around 130 countries.

They are the leader in high-quality human annotations data sets or machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Jobs like rating, Microtasks, translation, linguistic, transcription, and corporate jobs are available.

You can navigate to the career menu and apply for the job you wish.

Once the job is posted, and if your profile matched with it, you will receive a mail from the carrier team.

User testing


User testing eliminates and evaluates the company products by testing them with the users. These testers are get paid for their work.

Products like websites, web applications, food, documents, etc., are benefited from user testing.

Testers test the product for ease of use, usability and provide their opinions to get paid from the companies.

Based on the work, it also involves reviews and video conferencing to get the accurate output of the product.

You can visit their website or download their app, signup and wait for the project to be assigned, basically, the jobs are allocated based on the region and your profile details.

Flex jobs


Flexjobs is a leading job searching site specializing in part-time, freelance, and work from home jobs around the world.

Their main goal is to remove the pain of finding remote and flexible job opportunities who are willing to work from home as full or part-time.

Flexjobs has tied up with more than thousands of companies around the world. These companies posts remote jobs directly on flexjobs site.

Specifically, flexjobs suits for people who are interested in work from home, part-time jobs, parents, freelancers, caretakers of loved ones having health issues, military spouse, retirees, etc.,

You can search for the job on your profile and apply for it.



Shutterstock is American stock photography and editing tools providers in newyork.

It was founded by Jon oringer a programmer and a photographer.

As of 2019, Shutterstock consists of around 200 million royalty free photos.

These also include vector graphics, illustrations, video clips, and music tracks.

If you are interested in photography or video making, you can create high-quality content and upload it on their website.

They also provide training, workshops, tips, and suggestions for success.

You will be get paid whenever a customer downloads your content.



Swagbucks is headquartered in California. It’s one of the most popular American reward programs that gives you free gift cards and cash.

You can earn points for shopping, watching videos, searching web, answering surveys, etc.,

These points are named as SB, and 1 Sb equals to 1 cent. Once you acquire SB points you can redeem into gift card accepted by Amazon, Walmart, etc., Even you can also redeem the points as cash thru PayPal.

You can signup on their website or download the app to join and earn.



Youtube is an American video sharing website, where you can upload, subscribe, view, comment, share the videos.

It is one of the Google product by which you can earn money.

The main income from youtube is thru advertisement sponsorers.

You can upload high-quality videos to get more views and engagement for the content.

Once your videos cross some number of views or number of subscribers you can apply for the google adsense and earn from it.

Your videos may be on any niche like food, travel, film reviews, news, entertainment, money-making, etc.,



Offervault website is a searching tool to find the best offers to promote, sell and make money from it.

You can search for an offer based on the keyword, choose and apply for to promote the offer.

Once you are approved for the offer you will get an affiliate link for the offer to promote.

Offervault also provides training on digital marketing to promote and sell an offer.



Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of training videos to learn.

The classes are on design, business, lifestyle technology, etc.,

Till 2019, they have nearly 22,000 classes to join the millions of members to learn and discover the new opportunities

You can become a teacher on Skillshare and earn money. Film your classes at your home, upload it with their easy tools.

There are nearly a million students learning on Skillshare and also skillshare provides tools and training on how to build your presence on their platform.

Once a student watches your class, you will be paid monthly. Skillshare claims that their top teachers are earning around $100,000 a year.



Surveyjunkie is an online community platform having around 10 million peoples to making your voice heard.

Once you complete your profile and signup, you will be assigned with the surveys matching your profile.

You choose surveys, complete it and get paid.

Once you complete a survey you are credited with points. These points can be redeemed as cash thru PayPal. or e gift cards.

Ok, the above websites are some of the trustable websites to make money from home in 2019.

You may notice, that I have mentioned the websites in a different category. I have done it for a purpose.

You can even search for more websites in the same category.

For example, You can take youtube, Search for “Youtube similar sites” or “Youtube alternate sites” to get similar websites on the same category.

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