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Know, how to make money with Surveysavvy today  survey website in 2021.

One of the best website to make money with opinions is Surveysavvy.

Providing opinions for money is the best method to make money.

Many websites are there in online, to make money by sharing your opinion.

Survey savvy is one of the best website to share your opinions with the companies.

They have an application savvyconnect, which is used for completing the surveys online with ease.


First lets see some basic details of online survey sites.

What is an online survey?

Online surveys are the online questionnaire for the target audience.

The audiences complete the questionnaires with answers which are saved in database for the statistics and analytics purpose.

Usually they are created as a web forms and saved in the database for future references. ( like paidviewpoint)

Which are some of the legitimate survey websites?

Mysurvey, Inbox dollars, swagbugs, paidviewpoint, vindale research, pinecone research, survey junkie global test market etc.,

How can i make money doing surveys online?

Lot of legitimate online survey companies are available in the market.

If anybody need to make money with the surveys, first they need to signup with the company to participate in the surveys.

During participation they need to answer the survey questions honestly to make use of it or store in the database.

Survey companies check for the eligibility to participate in survey questions.

Once you are participated and completed the surveys successfully, you will be incentivised with cash, points or gift cards.

Which survey sites pay the most?

Top Highest Paying Survey Sites

Survey Junkie.

Vindale Research.



Ipsos I-Say.

Harris Poll Online.




How to make money with Surveysavvy

What is Surveysavvy ?

Surveysavvy is a opinion based website. You can join and speak up your mind.

The more surveys you take, the more money you can earn.

What is Savvyconnect in Surveysavvy?

Savvyconnect delivers surveys at your fingertips. Their VIP program uses cutting edge technology to collect data, when you surf the web.

They will find the trends in online searching, entertainment, shopping and other applications.

Eligibility to take surveys?

They accept the people all over the world.

You can become a surveysavvy member by filling out the application form and complete registration.

How much did you get paid on online surveys?

Since starting 1999, surveysavvy connects the companies with the consumers for the opinions

You will become a VIP when you install their application.

When you refer the people in to surveysavvy, you will earn when they complete the surveys.

You can make $3 to $4 per surveys.

How it Works ?

Usually companies are looking for the consumer opinions for their reports.

Companies will pay cash for the opinions you share with them.

After you filled out the registration form they will collect your data and use the information to target the demographic location.

When your profile matches the basic criteria of a specific survey, it will arrive to you for the opinion.

when you pass the in depth screening portion of the survey and completes, they will credit your account with the money they mentioned in the invitation.

There is no guarantee on how many surveys you will receive per month or day. That is based on your personal profile matching with the companies requirement.

There is also no real average on how many invitations you receive. The number of invitations varies but you will receive more when you complete more invitations.

Savvyconnect is launched in 2009. It is a desktop application that includes you in market research.

When you install the savvyconnect you are helping our clients to understand your online behaviour.

There is also incentive for participating in savvyconnect.

Your savvy connect provides you easy and instant access to all of the invitations you got.

Savvyconnect software recognise the private browsing and incognito mode of the major internet browsers and stop transmitting when these mode are activated.

It is important for you to keep your profile and portraits up to date to participate in suitable surveys.

Your member profile starts with your registration information, but it is enriched by completing the portrait surveys.

Portrait surveys are series of additional questions pertaining to your specific subjects or aspect of your life, that will help them to show accurate representation.


The best way to boost your income is thru referral program. Surveysavvy continues to grow rapidly with its referral program.

They also provide public referral link which you can post on your blog, Facebook, twitter and other social medias.

Send private invitation to your friends thru email.

You will get incentive when you complete the surveys.

You get incentive when your direct referral complete the surveys and you will also get incentive when your indirect referral completes a survey (referrals of  your direct referral)

Getting Paid

Once you are accumulate with more than $1 in your account, you can ask for the payment.

You can request payment by using the request payment tool under the account section.

Surveysavvy Review

Surveysavvy is legitimate and they pay for their customers but i don’t recommend them.

There are other survey websites which are pay you better than surveysavvy.

If you register in surveysavvy you will receive surveys and earn money, but you waste lots of time in qualifying for surveys.

And you need to wait for three months for the cheque.

The only way to make money from surveysavvy is thru surveys. Once you register and signup you will receive invitations for completing the surveys.

You will receive the invitation with survey number, payout and time to complete it.

Once you click on the survey number it will open a new tab with questions to answer.

Mostly you will answer for 5 to 10 questions and you are told you are not qualified.

Survey money ranges from $0.50 to $3.0 and take 10 to 40 minutes to complete. But occasionally you will get qualified for the survey to complete.

You can earn more with surveysavvy only by the referral program they conduct. But it is very hard to understand how much you earn.

You can earn money by referring your friend but how much exactly you earn is the question.

Final Conclusion

My suggestion on Surveysavvy company is good to go and make money.

And you can signup immediately to participate in surveys.

As i told before, you cant earn everyday due to lack in survey eligibility.

You cant make money for living, but can make some extra cash or pocket money.

I prefer my 3 best ways to make money for living.

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