How To Get Real Followers For Instagram ?

Learn and know how to get real followers for Instagram

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Social media plays a vital role in generating traffic to the blog. Especially when you are new blogger, you need to rely on some of the social platforms to gain views to the new blog

Among the social media platforms, Instagram is the best one which helps to gain followers and views to your website.

Unless you spend more time on Instagram engaging with the peoples, generating traffic to your site is difficult.

How To Get Real Followers For Instagram

How To Get Real Followers For Instagram

What if i tell you, you actually don’t need to spend much time on following, commenting and communicating with the peoples.

There are bots, that actually do all those activities for you and help to generate traffic.

So, let’s see some of the apps, websites in this post that do all activities like you do and generate more traffic to your blog.



Automatically Like, Follow, Comment, Unfollow, View Stories, DM, and Post in an Instant with Instazood

You shouldn’t create account with similar names, it will ban all the accounts.

You can also buy likes for more engagements.

Instazood is design in such a way, to perform automatically like, follow and comment activities.

You may be surprised to find out that they have entire social media teams dedicated to managing their accounts.

Everyday they do their best to update new features in the tool.

You can choose to run instazood nearly 24×7, aslike a dedicated team working all time for you.

They also provide free 3 day trial version for newbies

Stellation Media

Stellation Media

They operate step by step like

  • Discovery
  • Strategic planning
  • On boarding
  • Planning and strategy
  • Implementation
  • Reporting

In the first phase they allow their entire team to get to know about your business.

Once their team is familiar with your business, then they get in to deep information, running factors, competitors of your company.

After getting those details, their account manager will contact you and explain the process in detail.

They also provide, digital services like, social media marketing, email marketing, pay per click advertisements, web design etc.,

They have a affiliate program, your subscription is free when 2 persons joined thru your link.



Fanbump is the safest and fastest Instagram growth service providers.

First their account manager will work with you to find your custom audience.

They do follow and unfollow and all engagements activities.

You will reach thousands of relevant people, who are likely to follow back.

Your account safety is their number one priority, and it is their lifeblood of their business.

They start slowly and then gradually increase the follows, likes and other needed activities.

Their pricing starts from $99/mo to $750/month.

Advantages of Fanbump

  • Real, organic growth
  • Safer than competitors
  • Grow on auto pilot



To get more social media followers, you have to maintain levels of organic engagement,

But with Instato you can schedule and automate the posting and save your time!

You will start receiving follows, like almost instantly

Their pricing ranges from $30.0 to $100.0

Its quick and easy to change the subscription plan instantly.

Everything is automated; all you have to do is set the correct configuration for your network to be stable.

Instato offers excellent customer service and security is also guaranteed through a dedicated proxy.


Thousand and thousands of people today using like-social to engage and communicate with the peoples in Instagram.

Like social is an effective tool to get real followers.

They guarantee the likes, comments and followers you get are real genuine not from a bot.

The likes you get and followers you get are real peoples. They are really interested in your profile.

Join their clients list including startups, celebrities, business owners etc.,

You don’t need to download anything, actually you can automate activities like, unlike, following, un following etc.,

You can auto pause, and set it to start every 2 hours and keep it on and running for 30 minutes.

Also, you can blacklist peoples and hashtags that you find disturbing.

Follow Adder


Below videos help to know the information on followadder

Trusy Social

Based on your growth goals and audience type, trusy social implement different methods to grow your account

Rather than irrelevant followers they help to grow your account with quality followers

They are proud to say that they are never had a client to lose their account.

Trusy social offer you with a dedicated manager to grow your account, you don’t need to download any software.

They guarantee their service while signup, if they fail to deliver as expected they will refund.

If you signup, their service immediately start within 24 hours.


Jarvee is a windows based social media automation software.

They not only automate your instagram account but also facebook, twitter, linkedin etc., upon request.

You can get more leads from social media marketing thru jarvee.

Jarvee grow your account fast and safe.

Their signup plan starts from $30.0/month. up to $70.0/month

So those are some of the thoughts on getting real followers on Instagram, if you have any different ideas on it, I suggest you share and comment below.

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