What To Do If You need money now


Know, What to do if you need money now

What will you do if you need money now?  Maintaining an emergency funds in bank account is good, but sometimes situations arrive when you don’t have the cash

During those situations, we need cash immediately to tackle and get everything under control.

So, in this post let’s discuss the ways what to do if you need money now.

What To Do If You need money now

What To Do If You need money now


If you need to figure out how to get money fast, look no further than your closet. I’ve read reports that most people only wear 20-25 percent of their clothing on a regular basis.

Do you fit into that category? If so, selling some clothes you don’t wear can be a great way to get money now. There are various ways you can sell clothing to make money.

You can do a garage sale, but that does take time – which you may not have. There are several other ways to sell clothes to make money, such as:

Facebook Marketplace

Ebay is still a popular place to sell clothing, but you may be able to make money faster by selling items on Facebook Marketplace.

We love the convenience of selling items on Facebook Marketplace because you get to sell things to people in your area and get money quickly. You also get to avoid the fees you run into with eBay


Do you have specific or sought-after brands of clothing? ThredUp can be a good option to sell clothing fast and make money and is one of the best online consignment stores to sell your clothes.

ThredUp doesn’t buy all brands, but selling to them can be a good way to make quick money and get rid of clothing you no longer wear.

If you have a larger family, you can potentially make more money selling clothes – especially if you have gently worn children’s clothing.


TaskRabbit is a site people use to get small and large tasks done. These are typically odd jobs in your town and can be anything from cleaning a house to something more skilled in nature.

There are no real limits of the type of odd job you can get with TaskRabbit as it depends on the need of the individual looking for help.

How can you make money with TaskRabbit? It’s fairly simple. You sign up to become a Tasker and indicate the types of jobs you can take and special skills. Once you do that, TaskRabbit notifies you of jobs they have available in your area – both currently and on a regular basis.

When you complete the task, you invoice TaskRabbit directly, and they collect payment from the clients. TaskRabbit pays out on a weekly basis, and you set the schedule you want to work.

As with other similar gigs, you often receive a tip from clients – this is money you make today and get to keep.

TaskRabbit is a great source of side income, but it also works as a way to replace your job. At least 15 percent of Taskers make at least $6,000 per month, so the potential is there to make good money.


If you have unused gift cards, selling them to get cash is one of the better ways to get money quickly. You can try to sell them to a friend or family member to get cash today.

If that’s not an option, you can sell gift cards online through CardPool to make money. There are many online gift card resellers, but some charge fees and others won’t pay you until the card sells.

Selling gift cards through CardPool is straightforward. You list the card and once it sells, you send it to them for free, via their packing slip. They send payment the day after they receive the gift card via paper check or Amazon gift card.

There’s no maximum on the amount they will take and they pay up to 92 percent of the face value.


Freelance work is one of the best ways to make money fast. You don’t necessarily get the money the same day you do the work, but it is a good way to get cash relatively quickly.

Fiverr is one good option to pick up freelance gigs. You earn $5 per gig and can do virtually anything from writing a thank you note for someone to designing a landing page, and everything in between.

Yes, $5 is not much, but income opportunities increase with add-ons. To earn more on Fiverr, do some of the following:

Identify an in-demand skill
Don’t overcharge for extra services
Have a great “Gig” page showcasing what you can do and how you can help the potential client
You must wait 14 days for payments to clear once you turn in a gig, so this won’t get you money quickly but it can be a good source of revenue over time. Fiverr pays out via check, Direct Deposit, and PayPal.


The best way to get money today is babysitting. Babysitting is one of the best ways to make money fast as parents typically pay you in cash immediately after you’re done with the assignment.

There are many ways to get babysitting gigs in your area. Below are a few groups of people who need babysitters:

You can also use the NextDoor app to find people in your town looking for a babysitter. Use Care.com to create a profile so clients can give reviews and allow you to get more gigs.

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If you use cash back credit cards and you need to get money fast, you can redeem points for cash.

Remember that you tend to get more value redeeming for travel, but in a pinch, cash rewards can be helpful. How redemptions are handled depends on the card. Some cards will send out a check, while others will give a statement credit so you can use those funds to make a purchase.

Some cards will also provide gift cards to different retailers if you prefer that route.


If you’re telling yourself “I need money now for free and fast,” selling plasma may be one of your best options. I sold plasma for several months while paying off debt as a way to make extra money to throw at my debt.

Selling plasma for cash is legit, and you can typically donate plasma 2-3 times per week depending on your weight and what’s in need.

Most centers pay at least $30 per donation, and in some cases, you can make up to $50. In fact, many locations offer coupons that let you earn up to that maximum amount during your first few visits.

If you don’t mind donating plasma and have the free time in your schedule, you should be able to make several hundred dollars per month – that’s great money if you need money now.


If you’re looking for quick ways to get money, it’s time to scour your house. This likely won’t get you a lot of money, but it can be a good way to find some extra cash.

Here are a few places to look for lost money in your house:

Check in between couch cushions
Raid your coin jar
Check clothing you wear on a regular basis
Check where you keep money often
If you need to get money fast, this is one of the best ways to find cash.


This does require some work, but if you need quick cash today, a garage sale can be a great solution. If you live in a neighborhood that gets a lot of foot or car traffic, you can easily set up some tables to sell items you don’t need.

Don’t overlook advertising your garage sale on Facebook or Craigslist for free. A garage sale may not be the best option if you don’t have a lot to sell, but if you have a lot of old electronics or gently worn clothing lying around, this can be a legit way to make fast money.


You may be tempted to ask your boss for an advance if you need money now. That may only delay the inevitable with your current problem – especially if it’s debt related.

Instead, ask for a raise. This won’t get you money today, but it can have a direct impact on all future paychecks. Just make sure to have a good reason for the request – telling them you need cash now may not be convincing enough.

Source – frugalrules.com

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