How to make 50 dollars a day in 2021?


Learn how to make 50 dollars a day in 2020

Are you interested in how to make 50 dollars a day ?

If you want some extra money daily, fifty dollars online per day is a nice sum to your income.

By knowing these methods you can easily increase your income in 2020.

You are come to the right place if you are searching for earn fifty dollars per day online.

In the given list below, you will come to know how to make 50 dollars a day.

I have already tested on some of the below methods to make income.

Ok! without further ado let us discuss on how to make 50 dollars a day in 2020

how to make 50 dollars a day

How to make 50 dollars a day in 2020?

1. Freelance writing

Anybody looking for extra income should give a try to freelance writing.

There are customers who are looking for articles, eBooks, publications, website content, newspaper articles etc.,

Actually they will pay for the written content.

If you have some love to write content, you can find those gigs and earn money from it.

To earn 50 dollars per day you need to join multiple websites and bid for the work.

Some of the websites looking for content are listed below.


Upwork is an freelancing platform where you can find the work to bid and win the project

In upwork there are variety of jobs available,

Jobs like software development, design and creative, writing, sales and marketing, admin support, Data science, engineering etc are available in this website.

First you need to signup for the account and provide all the details.

Then you need to create your perfect profile to show to the customers.

Companies will search for the talents and post their project requirements in the website.

You need to bid for project on how much money per hour and complete the bidding.

Companies will receive all the bids and assign the work for best bidders.

For example, if you bid correctly you can win the project from them.


Freelancer website is similar to upwork where you can bid and win projects.

First you need to join and create your profile.

Customers will post for the projects and ask for the bid.

You need to analyse the project and bid correctly to win the project.

So, this is how you can join the websites like upwork and freelancer to make fifty dollars per day.

Some of the other similar websites are Guru, People per hour, outsourcely, credo etc.,

2. Start a Blog

In 2020 many of the people are earning online by starting a blog.

You can also create your own blog and make fifty dollars per day.

Creating a blog is not an easy work but you need to put your work to earn from it.

First you need to find the niche for blogging, because your income from it mainly depends on the niche you have selected.

You can find how to select a niche for blogging in my other post.

Once you are chosen a niche, then you need to buy a domain and hosting for you.

I have already written a blog post on how to create a website, you can read to know.

After creating the website, you need to add the content on your blog.

If you are interested in content writing you can do it yourself, else you can outsource the content writing job.

Websites like Textbroker upwork are available to outsource your job.

Here comes the SEO, search engine optimisation you have to do it for the written content.

After completing the SEO for the website you need to add the website in google search console and wait for the post to rank high in google search engine.

If you do the SEO work properly you will receive the traffic from all over the world.

If you are interested in digital marketing you can learn SEO yourself in the YouTube. Else, you can outsource the seo work.

After completing all these work properly, you need to monitize your website to earn money from it.

You can monitise your website with ads, affiliate marketing, or with your own digital products.

Once you receive more traffic, you can earn 50 dollars per day from your blog.

3. Be an online coach

Becoming an online coach is an wonderful option to make money from online.

Personally i don’t have experience in online coaching but, is one of the successful business model.

I am an expert in SEO, everybody is expert in something,

Peoples are looking for experts to teach them the subject matter.

If you offer a guidance in any subject many people will join and you can make some money from it.

You need a good coaching program and the original concept that many peoples are interested in.

Personal improvement is obviously too broad of a niche. Thus, you may need to find options for narrowing down the topic a little bit and attracting a niche audience that larger course creators have missed.

Coaching online is easy to monetise when comparing to the affiliate marketing.

Even if you have less traffic, you can expect some conversion, Actually the toughest part is driving a targeted traffic to the website.

The best way for online coaching is build a website with SEO and drive a traffic to the website.

If you don’t have experience in SEO and digital marketing you can simply utilise the website like teachable. And you can also signup on website like

Teaching English is one of the best way to make fifty dollars online.

Actually English teaching is suitable for college students, school teachers looking for making some extra money.

You can earn up to $20/hour if you take one to one classes.

Coaching is more flexible and you can schedule your own time to teach.

For this you need to live in USA or UK with bachelors degree or above in any field.

VIP KID and EF education first are some of the example website to teach English online.

4. Sell your digital Products

Selling a physical hand made product or made by others is lot more complicated when comparing to the selling digital products.

They have the complexity like inventory management, shipping etc.,

So, when you compare physical product with the digital product you have a many advantages like more sustainable, easy to create, infinity copies etc., There is no need of factories, staffs etc.,

Types of digital products

The software industry is huge and consistently growing and developing. It has more opportunities.

If any person has the ability to write code, then you can start to sell software for money.

Whether it is a desktop software, website applications, or plugins you can make it and sell it for earn money.

If you know or write the code language your opportunists are endless to make money.

You can turn your code in to cash if you have experience in plugins, apps, themes etc.,

Audio files

There are many types of audio digital products.

It is a powerful medium to communicate the messages.

Peoples pay for the audios that make them happy or solve a particular tasks.

Audio products can include like, music files, meditation files, lectures, audio books and foreign languages.

Web based applications

Web based applications are similar to software selling.

If you have experience in coding, You can create your own web based applications and sell it as a digital product.


It is quite same as other digital products but it has a time bound limit.

For example, tickets can be sold up to certain time period.

These tickets are for conferences, music concerts, carnivals and other time bound events.

Tickets can also be sold for online experiences such as webinars, classes, online conferences, or in-person conference live stream feeds.

These are some of the digital products to sell online.

5. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the method to make fifty dollars per day online.

If you don’t know about affiliate marketing, it is one of the business model where reefer earn a small commission for referring a product.

The idea behind this is revenue sharing, you need to promote other peoples product often thru an affiliate network.

If anybody purchases the product thru your link, then you will earn a commission for selling that product.

Letus dive deep in to the affiliate marketing.

You can become a merchant and have others promote your product. or you can become a affiliate marketer and sell other peoples product.

You can sell other peoples products using some of the websites like click bank, commission junction, share a sale etc.,

First you need to develop a website around a product or products and drive traffic to the products.

You can see my other post on how to develop a website if don’t know one.

To develop a website first you need to purchase a domain and hosting for the website.

Then you need to choose your niche to sell the product.

After choosing the niche you need to visit websites like click bank and choose for the product.

Don’t forget to choose the digital product with the gravity score.

Once you choose the digital product on your niche, you need to write blog posts around the product.

Then drive the traffic around the post and make selling.

You can drive traffic by two methods, one is organic and other is an paid one.

For organic traffic to need to do SEO on your blog post and make a selling.

You can also choose other paid methods like Facebook, Instagram and pinterest etc.,

For more details on affiliate marketing you can visit my other other post.

6. Write and sell E books

If you are looking for earning a passive income online, then writing an eBook and selling it is a best way to do.

You may have a question on, is it possible to earn 50 dollars a day by selling eBook ?

Yes! absolutely it is possible to earn, actually many authors are earning more than that.

On the surface writing an eBook seems it is pretty easy to write, but it is not the truth.

But lot of bloggers are doing it.

It is easy if you avoid some below mistakes.

Choose a topic you already know about

First you need to avoid the temptation of picking a hot topic to write.

Rather you need to choose the topic which you already know about.

For example, i already know about mechanical engineering and SEO, so i can write a detailed eBook on anyone of this topic.

Know the needs of the audiences

You should not write about what you know,

Know the needs of the reader, you assume yourself as a reader  and write the eBook for solving that queries.

See it in a readers view to complete an eBook.

Plan before you write

Once you are done with your analysis, you should not start bluntly to write.

Rather, You should plan on the topics to cover and Secretariat the chapters.

After planning the topics you start your writing work.

Make it valuable

Don’t write whatever you think, you should know the valuable points and present them with those values

Since you already planned the topics write them with the readers point of view.

Your eBook don’t need to be have 500 pages, but short and sweet valuable points are necessary.

Once you finish your eBook, make arrangements to sell it online and earn extra money.

7. Start YouTube Channel

If you like to be in front of the cameras then starting the YouTube channel is the best choice.

Stats say that 300 hours of  video are uploaded every single minute.

You should know the video SEO to optimise your video content.

First sign in to your YouTube account which is on the top right on the screen.

Click on the gear ikon to get in to the YouTube settings

Click on create new channel and provide your or your business name

Then, add your brand name and click create.

This is how you can create your YouTube channel.

You can select any niche for your YouTube channel.

So, these are some of the methods how you can earn 50$ per day online.

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