How to get paid to type in 2020?

Know, how to get paid to type in 2020

Get paid to type in home is the work everybody looks for.

Mostly it is useful for moms with children and other disabled peoples.

But its not like a traditional job as typist work at home as a freelancer.

In this post i like to discuss about many legitimate companies  where you can earn money for typing job.

Some companies allow you to start the work immediately, whereas other companies will want you to take the test like a regular job.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, but you can earn at least $5 to $10 on each day.

ok. lets dive in to the core content of how to get paid to type in 2020.

get paid to type

How to get paid to type in 2020


Clickworker is a company based in USA and Germany.

There are about 2 million clickworkers already working with them as of 2020.

They have experience of 13 years in micro tasks.

Till today they have completed about one million projects online.

Utilise the knowledge of crowd to complete the projects with assured quality and get paid to type.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Mturk is a crowd sourcing marketplace that makes it easier for individual workers and business to outsource their job.

Mturk marketplace works as a mediator in between the business and the workers who want to earn money.


Babletype has been a trusted industry for more than 20 years.

Babletype focus on market research transcription, translation and content analysis.

They have complete over 10 million minutes of market research recordings transcribed.


Aberdeen is a leading global provider of behavioural based solutions.

They offer many home typing positions., includes translation, transcription and captioning.

Most of the jobs you find are in house job

Freelancers are expected to have own captioning software and a backup computer.

Cambridge transcriptions

They provide services like transcription, recording and reporting.

They are looking for both legal and corporate transcribers.

It is founded in 1989 with the aim of gathering together the skilled professionals and the data technology in the industry.


Dataplus carefully and cost effectively handle data entry works, they also in to custom programming and business processing.

They develop data entry, data base programming, data handling, reporting etc.,

Their services are performed locally and with direct supervision.

They are started at 1992, and they are located in Atlanta, and Georgia in USA.


Accutranglobal is started in 2002, they provide transcription and related services to all around the world.

They are the reliable partner for all type of transcription works.

If the company looking to reduce overhead and bogged down with backlog, they are ready to partner with them.

They always interested in engaging with real time writers, transcribers and stenographers.

They have the ability to work independently and meet client deadlines.

Factset, CNW, Ontario, Mediaco are some their clients.

Birch Creek Communications

Birch creek communication is a USA based corporation located in Montana.

They provide transcription services, data entry works, outstanding research,  and competitive intelligence for the past 13 years.

Their professional transcription department provides services to educational institutions, financial institutions, corporations, government agencies, online business and non-profit organisations.

They have transcribed for Nuclear regulatory commission, Bureau of veteran affairs, Department of transportation, Internal revenue service, National institute for health, Federal communications commission.

They also work with audio and video broadcast and use their digital files.


They catch the difficult words, do the research and produce rocking transcripts.

Its a great option if you live outside the USA as they hire all over the world.

You can visit their FAQ page to find the list of countries they hire.

Their posted jobs are broken down in to small chunks no longer than 10 minutes.

Their transcripts are 99% accurate and if you not satisfied with the results, you can request a new edit right from the customer centre with just a click.

They follow simple transcript delivery, their transcripts and captions are emailed to the businesses.

Axion Data Entry Services

Axion Data Entry Services is a United.States. based firm. They provide data entry outsourcing, data verification, and Internet data research services to a national market.

There has been a sharp increase in demand from clients wanting our staff to enter data directly into their own web-based systems.

This offers huge advantages in document and data security, real-time processing, and significant cost savings over the past few years.

They see this as a growing trend and welcome this type of work.

Axion is a US veteran-owned and operated company.

Their extensive United States-based domestic workforce is made up of experienced data entry operators and a crew of seasoned project managers who have been with them for many years.

DionData Solutions

DionData Solutions is 100% owned and operated in the United States with a 24-hour, 7 day a week production environment.

They are providing their clients with highly competitive offshore cost-saving solutions.

This enables them to efficiently process data for clients from any world time zone.

They maintain both in-house and Contracted Vendors in order to produce top quality data entry services and solutions.

They can easily expand to meet the data entry needs at a very economical cost.


Microworkers is an innovative, and International online platform which connects Employers and Workers from all around the world.

Their approach guarantees Employers that a task paid is a task successfully done, while Workers that successfully complete a job get paid.

Anybody can be an Employer. If you own an online business, a blog, a video channel or simply need referrals for your favorite programs.

Microworkers is the place to come and have your tiny tasks assigned to number of active Workers who are always ready to complete your job.

Anybody can also be a Worker. You can be a stay-at-home mom, a student who needs extra spending money, or if you simply love helping others while making some extra cash alongside, this is the perfect place for you.

Joining Microworkers as a Worker does not mean you are employed by the site.


REV is completely transparent in their Pricing details.

With their straightforward pricing, there is no need to guess what the cost may be.

There are no hidden cost when you are work with them.

They give first priority to their customers and workers.

If anybody is not satisfied with the delivery, anybody can approach them to fix it.

Smart Crowd

They are providing work from home opportunists for the past 20 years, they offer flexible working hours in work from home.

Their clients are some of the large companies around the world who need your help to make their services and products better.

You need to simply click join now button and fill in the basic information to be a part of them.

Their requirement varies according to the location.

So, you need be a patient if you are not immediately loaded with the work.

Before beginning the work you are provided with the specific compensation fee with the rates visible.


Textbroker is a platform where you can request for the quality content.

You will always get the content what you need.

You can signup and login for the workload you need.

As a pioneer they offer flexible solutions for content creation.

If anybody in need of captivating their blog, or product descriptions, or a advertising copy, you can login and ask for the one.

Their platform contains thousands of reliable united states authors who are ready to complete your job.

They have a quality native speakers in total 36 languages to complete your work effectively with quality.


Transcribeme is one of the largest transcription companies that basically ask to transcribe audio in to text.

They provide fast and accurate transcriptions from less than $0.79 per minute.

They offer transcription, translation, and speech recognition work all over the world.

Automatic transcription starts at $0.10 per audio minute.


Xerox company provides lot of work which can be work at your home location.

They help business and governments to improve the flow of work.


Tigerfish is one of the transcription services company which provide you with the work load.

They are over 20 years San Francisco north beach has been home to them.

These are some of the reputed companies to get paid to type in 2020.


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