How to earn money writing fiction online

Learn how to Earn money Writing Fiction online

I’ve compiled this listing Of 50+ sites which will let you write articles, short stories, fiction, poetry, features and articles in house.

This post is really a great Place to begin if you would like to earn additional money from home by looking for a brand new side hustle as an independent writer.

Better Still, you do not Have to become a professional freelance author to employ to the websites listed within this post.

A published writer writing another blockbuster, what about a travel writer?

If You like to write then This might be the ideal side hustle for you.

A Huge Collection of Sites That Pay You To Compose For Them

There are numerous Sites and books out there that are going to let you write so I have grouped them into these classes to make it easier to browse:

Write Fiction, Short Stories and Poetry

Share your stories

Compose Non-Fiction posts and blog articles

Let’s begin…

how to earn money writing fiction online

How to Earn money Writing Fiction online

Perhaps you have thought That you’d really like to write a novel one day? Well, what about a brief story or a poem?

If that is you, then why not Consider writing for these websites and make money at precisely the exact same time…

The People’s friend have Helpfully supplied a tips sheet on every kind of piece they’re searching for from short stories to pocket books. This is how earn money writing fiction online

Pay: Just how much you may get paid to write for these is determined by how New writers begin at #80 but move around #110 after 6 successful admissions. It is #150 for every instalment of a serial. Poems — #15 each poem.

One Story is Searching for literary fiction and Accepts and pays stories involving 3,000 and 8,000 words.

Purchase: $500

Zizzle will cover you to Write fiction that appeals to children from age 11 through to adults. The period of the narrative needs to be between 500 and 1,200 words.

Purchase: $100 for every approved flash fiction piece.

The Arcanist will cover you to compose micro Tales.

Flash Fiction online Accept first fiction between 500 and 1,000 words .

Pay: $60 a narrative for first fiction.

Craft release new and Republished fiction, crucial pieces on interviews, craft, book annotations, plus much more.

Pay: They cover their writers $100 for first flash fiction and $200 for first short fiction.

The Sun Magazine is appearing To pay authors for non-fiction bits, poetry and fiction.

Fireside Fiction Company Is a short-story magazine. They’ve a objective of publishing good stories irrespective of genre.

For examples, they pay $400 to get a full-colour piece.

Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine publishes science fiction tales.

They tend to Cover Tales which are between 1,000 phrases and 20,000 words. While poetry shouldn’t exceed 40 lines.

And 8 cents for every term over 7,500. They pay $1 per line .

Get Paid to discuss your own story

There are a Lot of Books and sites out there that cover to publish your private narrative.

There are a few Various choices. I have included the”market your narrative” type features in which you get paid to tell your story but somebody else will write it. They will likely take photographs of you or ask you to supply photographs to add in the attribute.

Or you will find sites That accept and cover real life stories and anecdotes written by you personally.

Send the world-famous Reader’s Digest a legitimate story about you personally, in 100 words or not.

Purchase: $100.

Readers Digest Asia possess a Few classes in which they’re searching for authors:

inspirational tales or life-changing experiences — 800-1,000 wordsthey cover $250 for printed stories

acts of kindness — 100-500 words, pay up to $100

anecdotes and jokes — pay 50 — 100

stories of the beautiful animals — around 300 words, cover up to $100

Using Bella Magazine and bring in around #1,000.

Send them a short outline And someone in the Bella attributes team will contact you to look at the specifics.

Or you could talk about your Views at a letter and acquire #50 if you are selected as the star letter.

Take a Break Boost your narrative to Take A Split magazine and you might earn around #2,000.

They’ve an Internet story Type to use as a manual and also to send them a short outline.

Real People Magazine and they’ll pay you an agreed commission on novel.

They’ll do a complete Meeting with you (typically on the telephone ) and ask you to offer pertinent photos.

Introvert Dear are Looking to publish posts about introversion. They’re also searching for posts about Highly Sensitive People in their brand new site, Highly Sensitive Refuge.

Pay: Should they print your piece, they will pay you $40.

Submit your Transformation narrative to Fit Mummy, such as great quality photographs to demonstrate your transformation.

Purchase: $100

You can Make Money Writing articles and blog posts on an assortment of topics. Actually beneath, is a listing of sites covering topics in parenting, traveling, business, blogging, outside activities and much more.

In Case You Have an Interesting perspective, expertise in a specific area or you are proficient at exploring then composing non-fiction may be quite a nice little earner working at home.

Here are some great places To begin…

Property and Cartoon

They Would like to listen to the Experiences, suggestions and perspectives of individuals inside the outside community.

Pay: involving #50 — Number 100

On the lookout for optimistic, feel-good articles about nostalgia, local personality profiles, subtle humor, travel, publication reviews, entertainment and wellness.

With photos or artwork and $100 for posts over the 850-word count with photos or artwork.

They’d like to hear Out of those who’ve been effective in travel photography, writing, the import/export organization, or operating their own tours and would love to discuss insider tips of your craft.

For interviews and personal stories, and $150 -$200 for posts with particular revenue information that a reader may follow and print to make more income.

They Are Searching for First stories covering social problems, insights into other people’s lives, a close up in an emerging tendency in popular culture, and analyses. This is how earn money writing fiction online

A Nice Parent is an Online community for parents and they’re interested in finding posts of involving 1,500 — 3,000 phrases variety.

Purchase: $75

The United Kingdom Domain covers the Following subjects: blogging, new building, business development, e-commerce, obtaining work, private branding, SEO, sociable networking, retail, business and technology news, creations, thought pieces, personal experience bits, and engineering.

Wanderlust is a journey Magazine also contains numerous unique classes open to admissions, from destination qualities to pocket manuals.

Pay: Present Prices for many magazine attributes are 220 per 1,000 published words. Charges for different sections (like Pocket Guides, Dispatches and interviews) are put per-article prices, consented on commissioning.

101 Vacations If you are a traveling Author, 101 Vacations would love to hear from you. But, they do also offer you an internship programme for people starting out on a part time distant basis.

Pay: between #50 and #100 per post printed, Based on Its length and sophistication.

Separate Labour magazine, as they do typically favor Canadian-based stories.

They have three primary Subject areas: characteristics, poetry and working for a living.

Pay: they normally cover at least $100 for short stories and Smaller attributes around 1,500 words, $200 to $300 for more characteristics, and $25 for smaller things. They pay $50 for testimonials.

A Complete length article Ought to be 1,500 — 2,000 words and brief opinion pieces must be 600 words.

On the lookout for posts of involving 600 — 800 words.

Purchase: $50

Zimmerit is Searching for Posts which have some link to Japanese enthusiast culture of the’70s,’80s, or’90s. By way of instance, posts about anime, model kits, toys, fandom, and doujinshi but do not be reluctant to ship them off-the-wall ideas also. This is how earn money writing fiction online

Purchase: $40

The Advocate is that the Graduate Center’s only student paper. It’s read by City University of New York graduate students and is still a source of information and information pertaining to their own faith and educational, cultural, and professional pursuits.

Pay: make $100 — $120 for posts Which Are approximately 1,500 — 2,000 Other gifts such as testimonials and photo essays can also be paid at competitive prices.

They Are Searching for Writers that are enthusiastic about writing, publishing, promotion, and company. You complete a form and should you meet their standards you’ll be sent a listing of pre-determined subjects to compose.

Purchase: $150 per site article that matches our submission instructions and

Writer’s Weekly have been On the lookout for articles about the best way best to earn money writing, home-based companies and self-employment which may come from composing, for example self-publishing, corporate writing, ghostwriting, etc..

Freelance Success Story — $40 for roughly 400 words.

Freelance Mother is looking For authors that will provide current practical and technical information

Three Kinds of posts Succeed on their site:

Personal posts

Researched posts

Guides on particular systems, processes or tools.

Article is on very top of the most common for the month, you’re going to be the winner of a special bonus of $150.

The Barefoot Writer has many kinds of article it’s searching for:

Monthly Motivator (600-800 words) — inspire their readers to keep composing and pursue their objectives.

Productivity Keys (400-600 words) assist our readers get better in less time.

Cool Tools (400-600 words) are brief articles about useful applications, hardware, and other gadgets which will assist readers like you to compose work, and property more freelance writing projects.

Thinking Like a Writer (700-900 words) educates our readers the way to begin or expand their freelance or writing professions.

Become a Better Writer (700-900 words) is all about enhancing our viewers’ writing abilities.

Glicken (600-800 words) is a personal essay with photographs how your writing helped you receive just a little something extra from life.

Pay: $100 to $300 for printed articles together with the fee depending On the mission.

Compose an intriguing list for Listverse

Here are some thoughts of Excellent lists out of Listverse:

Lists which are offbeat and book — lists which are taking a look at something ordinary in an unexpected manner (ways faculty makes you dumb, by way of instance ).

Unsolved mysteries

Hidden understanding (things most Individuals do not understand )


Astonishing general understanding about whatever

Purchase: $100

IWorkwell is obviously On the lookout for specialist HR professionals and employment or labor attorneys with experience in almost any area of HR to write/edit educational articles which are action-oriented.

Pay: between $20 and $195 per article Based on the duration, Complexity and degree of work required.

SitePoint publishers

Pay: not given but does state that they”cover our authors above Industry rates due to their job.”

If You Would like to get compensated To compose the list-style feature posts that enjoys (e.g. 26 Sexy Halloween Costumes That Must Not Exist, 6 Novels Everybody (Including Your English Teacher) Got Incorrect ), The real Replies To 6 Famously Unsolved Movie/TV Mysteries etc.), subscribe to their authors’ forum.

Purchase: $150 to your first four posts, and $250 for every one Then.

Travelista is Searching for Individuals interested in Traveling to join their group of freelance authors and social networking marketers. This is how earn money writing fiction online

Purchase: $40 a 1000 Words

Hostelgeeks is about The planet’s greatest hostels.

They Are Searching for Experts in various destinations across the globe. This may be a neighborhood or a traveller who understands the town quite well.

Craft Your Content Mission is to assist our customers become excellent authors. So as to accomplish that, they want you!

They Are Searching for Writers to write about grammar, organization, creativity, productivity, language and writing.

Pay: $75-150 per post, based upon the length/topic/quality.

On the lookout for contributors to compose them and get compensated.

They think that inside Every reader is different a writer and they would like to provide the writer in you an chance to go over and write about the books you have readthe literature which has impacted the writers you’ve fallen in love with. This is how earn money writing fiction online

Pay: Not defined but they do state that their authors are compensated On a per-word foundation for features and essays, and also a flat fee for poetry and fiction.

Assist Stay are Searching for Writers to generate content that can inspire their internet community.

Interested in firsthand reports of living abroad, influence experiences, animal welfare, equality, volunteering, and giving back. USD $125 a printed post.

Rank Pay is now On the lookout for gifted tutors who will cover these subjects:


Digital Marketing

Small Business

Pay: $50 for every original article they print of 1000+ phrases.

If you enjoy learning new Things and you are good in the research and discovering interesting details, you then are an ideal person to compose Today I discovered Out.

Pay: They do cover but sum not specified.

If You Would like to Create money Writing, why don’t you start your own site to showcase examples of your own posts and stories?

Earn Money Composing For Revenue Sharing Sites

The sites that I’ve Listed above cover a set fee for you for writing an guide, story, blog article or poem.

However you will find websites that Will pay you depending on the amount of views your article receives.

To Put It Differently, you may Share in the earnings your post creates usually through advertisements.

Here are a few to take

Additionally, there Are a few Great, legitimate composing projects boards on the market. As you would look for work on a job board, these sites define in paid writing opportunities.

Here are a few for you

50, YES 50, sites which can pay you to compose for them!

If you are looking to create Cash from home and you also like to write then this may be a fantastic side hustle.

I have covered everything From poetry to earnings sharing websites but when I have missed a good one or you’ve got some suggestions on getting published I’d really like to understand. This is how earn money writing fiction online

I am able to add any decent ones into the list.

Contemporary Literature

Concerning: The literary journal of Boston University, AGNI specializes in publishing emerging writers. It takes poetry, brief modern fiction, and a few essential documents or other nonfiction. There are just two print magazines each year along with other fiction is printed online biweekly.

It is possible to submit between September and May each year.

Concerning: Black Warrior Review is your graduate department book of the University of Alabama and is made twice annually. This literary magazine attempts to adopt diversity and insecure fiction; it welcomes both writers and stories with varied backgrounds, such as LGBTQ, (dis)ability, and people of colour. Even though it prefers modern fiction to rigorous group genres, magical realism and futuristic stories are invited –whatever that pushes boundaries and promotes deep idea is adopted.

Black Warrior Review also takes graphic books and visual narratives.

Purchase: One-year subscription plus a”minimal lump sum fee,” the sum of which is not made public.

Concerning: Another longstanding, award-winning diary, Boulevard has been publishing modern short stories, poetry, and documents since 1985. It especially encourages new authors to submit–writers who have been printed in a different paying market are now at a drawback!

Boulevard does not accept celebrity fiction, just modern literary fiction.

It is possible to submit between October and May every year.

Concerning: This literary’zine concentrates on”honest fiction” released on the internet, but also supplies a print magazine which includes poetry, nonfiction, and examples. 1 unique feature is the editors often respond to submissions with editorial critiques instead of merely a rejection notice.

Pay: $100 a short story.

Concerning: Glimmertrain winners new and emerging authors in its three yearly issues. The magazine has a lot of distinct submissions phases annually; check the web site for information on which they are currently searching for (groups often consist of unpublished writers, super-short fiction, and various topical topics ).

Purchase: $700 and up, based on class.

About: Section of the esteemed University of Iowa writing program, this diary has existed since 1970 and focuses primarily on literary poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction in an assortment of fashions. It publishes three times per year and accepts admissions in September, October, and November every year.

Concerning: A second journal that welcomes modern fiction, poetry, and nonfiction essays, The Missouri Review has existed since 1978. It publishes four issues each year and often publishes new authors.

Pay: $40 per published page.

Around : Published three times each year as a high quality paper diary, Ploughshares is among the most respected literary journals on the planet. They take submissions during a specific window, normally from June through January every year. Contemporary literary fiction is most favored.

Pay: Ploughshares pays $25 per page, using a minimum of 50 and a maximum of $250.

Concerning: The Southern Review publishes modern fiction, poetry, and selected nonfiction such as books and book reviews. Submissions are accepted between September and December every year.

Pay: The Southern Review pays $25 per page, using a max of 200. Additionally, it supplies two copies of this magazine along with a year’s subscription.

Concerning: Pitched as a”general literary book,” Threepenny Review publishes modern literary fiction, poetry, and a myriad of essays and other nonfiction. It recommends four times per year, in print and on the internet.

Pay: $400 a brief story, $200 each poem.

Concerning: Analog provides a broad assortment of science fiction, such as hot tough science fiction. The technologies, worldbuilding, and plot and characters needs to all be seamlessly woven together–no more tacking a plot to some very cool universe. New authors are invited to submit.

Concerning: Can you write edgy literary, dream, or horror? Have a Look at Apex! They actively look for boundary-pushing speculative fiction to their monthly online difficulties, which can be found by means of a hybrid variety of free internet accessibility and compensated eBook variations. Many now-famous authors got their start by Apex, which regularly releases new writers.

Purchase: 6 cents per term.

Concerning: Among the most prestigious science fiction publications about, Asimov’s centers on character-driven, instead of technology-focused, science fiction. Stories should”analyze or purge any aspect of human presence.”

Concerning: Clarkesworld has won pretty much every award out there, and tales printed in its pages also frequently win awards. It publishes monthly problems and publishes story collections through its publication program.

Clarkesworld welcomes vision, sci-fi, and terror of several forms, but they’ve a lengthy list of topics they see too frequently; test it out before you submit.

Concerning: Another longstanding, award-winning novel, Fantasy & Science Fiction accepts a wide assortment of speculative fiction, though tales ought to be concentrated more on personalities than worldbuilding or engineering. Science fiction and comedy are especially encouraged. The magazine publishes six issues each year.

Concerning: Giganotosaurus enjoys long short fiction–kind of an oxymoron, but unlike most niches, they welcome greetings ranging all of the way around 25,000 words. All types of sci-fi and dream have been approved, and one narrative is published online each month.

Concerning: each week, Strange Horizons publishes a wide assortment of speculative fiction, such as terror, sci-fi, and dream — even if you can envision it, they are likely open to thinking about it. They also create podcasts of printed stories and take poetry, media reviews, and some nonfiction.

Submissions frequently open and shut, so make sure you check the site to be certain they are currently searching for your favorite group.

Purchase: 8 cents per term.

Concerning: East of this Internet provides a massive variety of brief tales across all genres, such as love (offense, literary, dream, and children’s tales are also welcome). It’s an open admissions interval for most genres.

Romance tales here must incorporate a thriller or mystery element. Formerly published stories are considered.

Concerning: Heroes & Heartbreakers is really an imprint of the publishing giant MacMillan. But it specializes in short stories and novellas from the romance genre, so which makes it a fantastic spot to get compensated to start your love writing career.

Pay: $1,000 progress against 25% royalties.

Concerning: This quarterly print and electronic magazine highlights diversity, such as stories by and about people of colour. It publishes short love stories in addition to tips and techniques about composing and motivational or inspirational nonfiction. Any genre of love is okay, though erotica isn’t.

Additional Short Story Publishers

Flash Fiction online

Just about any fiction narrative between 500–1,000 words will be considered, such as science fiction, fantasy, love, and literary fiction.

Vestal Review

About: Can you write comics? It is the oldest established marketplace for super-short fiction (they just take tales of 500 words or less). It takes every genre except children’s lit and difficult science fiction and publishes twice a year in print, with a few tales also published on the internet.

You can submit between February and May and between August and November Every Year.

Pay: $25 flat fee each printed narrative, and a copy of the magazine

This is how earn money writing fiction online

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