Contentpress Review


Contentpress Review

Contentpress review – Introduction

Content is one of the important part of online business.

Everyday billions of people search the web and find all their  needed details in content.

It is very profitable to sell your own products or articles to the neediest.

Before becoming involved in this trillion dollar industry, content suppliers like us should diversify our content to the people who are searching the web for the details.

Day by day the search in the web is increasing and many people are searching for solving their issues.

However, it is more easier to say than doing, and it is not easy to create a impressive content so fast.

contentpress review

To produce an impressive content you need to spend lot of time and effort. Then only the content will be useful to the reader.

If not your content should be a paid one. But it is not the good solution for the long term business.

So, may be for now you need to put your hard work for the impressive and useful content.

This is why i bring an review article for you today. This review is about the app called content press.

And what is inside the app contentpress and to know more about the app you read my full article.

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Contentpress review – What it is about?

Contentpress is a new WordPress plugin to generate the content automatically on any niche.

It also contains info products integrated with traffic generators which are entirely hands-free.

You can generate content and post it or download in to a PDF format for your customers.

Mike mckay is a talented person who is behind this app and the company.

Some of his other products are InstantRank, VidSell, ProfitPage, TrafficMate, Allure, Viral Spark, ProfitMail and his latest SnatchIt products.

All of this tools are highly recommended by the other users.

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Contentpress review – How it works?

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Contentpress review – Benefits

  • Sell the contents on upwork, peopleperhour, freelancer, to clients and local business.
  • Create unique content that ranks itself.
  • Generate ready made info products and eBooks to sell and give away.
  • Generate traffic by auto sharing content on social medias.
  • Get rankings b
  • y auto sharing the PDF in PDF sharing platforms.
  • Generate free affiliate sales from targeted visitors.
  • Contentpress works with complete automation.
  • Contentpress is fully tested and proven to work.
  • Leverage their cutting edge technology to facilitate building their sales and list building from scratch.

Contentpress review – Pros and Cons


  1. No need to write your content its automatic.
  2. Create you pages and posts automatically.
  3. 100% newbie friendly software, easy to use and user friendly.
  4. No experience required to work on this software.
  5. Once payment no monthly subscription.
  6. Generate traffic easily.
  7. Builtin traffic generator.
  8. Software on the web.


No cons until now.

Why you should consider buying the contentpress app

On the above i have given all the details about the content press software, now we shall see why you should buy this.

Contentpress is fully automated software, so you don’t need to work much.

It is easy to use and undeniable software.

You need to take only simple steps to work on this software to get the results.

Now you can produce a 100% unique content to sell.

This product will place your website at the google top by its unique content and traffic generation.

Please remember the 30 days money back guarantee to safeguard your investment.

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Pricing and Funnel

Front End: ContentPress – Content Creator – $17

Get access to our ContentPress software which creates fresh content within seconds for ANY NICHE! They can create PDFs,

Info-Products + articles, as well as generate traffic plus higher rankings…and so more!


Upell 1: ContentPress – Unlimited (PRO) Edition – $37

This edition removes all of the FE limitations and adds extra top notch features to the software. It also comes with additional tutorial videos and DFY Fiverr gigs.


Upsell 2: ContentPress – DFY Edition – $45

This edition comes with 5x DOTD DFY Products that your customers can sell and keep 100% of the profits, perfect to monetise all of the content they’re creating.

Also includes PRO product reviews for each of the 5 DFY products that your customers will be reselling.


Upsell 3: ContentPress – Reseller Edition – $39

The Reseller edition gives your customers the rights to sell the products throughout the ContentPress funnel and keep 100% of the profits. 

The funnel components include pro grade sales copy, killer animated VSL’s throughout and full tech support. 

They basically get their hands on the same funnel that would cost them $3k+ to build.


Upsell 4: ContentPress – IMX Edition – $67

The IMX edition gives your customers all of our products, current & future, completely free of charge. 

They also then get full training PLUS case studies that will give them the know-how to become IM success stories. 

They basically get their hands on the ‘keys to the kingdom!’

[All products in the funnel also have downsells attached to them at a lower price so as not to waste ANY of your traffic!]

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Now It’s Your Turn!

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