How to become a vape product tester – Ultimate Guide to become one

Know, How to become a vape product tester!

The Way to Become a vape product tester

Are you the kind of person who posts and comments consistently on Social media?

Do you often have strong opinions about matters?

Can you have many different social networking accounts on the move at the exact same time?

Think about a mass of loyal, vaping-obsessed followers at your doorstep

Well to set yourself up as a vape Product tester.

How to become a vape product tester

What do vape equipment reviewers actually do?

Vape equipment reviewers review fresh or forthcoming vape Products for (usually online) e-cig shops or brands.

Reviews can be anything from short Facebook posts and recommends To longer YouTube videos or live streams revealing what reviewers think of a product.

If you have more time, you can even start posting reviews of stuff you like on your own blog or website.

Vape reviewers can also suggest ways to save money, and talk about wider vaping subjects; For instance, vaping hiccups or throat struck .

You might also have a visit”how-to” guides. These generally help users do something they’re trying to do already in a better way.

Reviewers might also choose not to review a vape merchandise Directly, however, use it as a prop for another motif, such as ASMR or traveling.

What will I get in return for my testimonials?

As a reviewer, if shops value the content you produce, they will In several cases agree to send you discounted or free vape hardware and e-juice in return for this.

Likewise, in case it turns out you are any good at doing so, they May even offer to pay you a small per-sale commission for any sales you generate.

How do I get started as a product tester?

To Be a vape gear reviewer, you’ll want your own dedicated Social media station. This might be a website or blog. It might also be an account on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc..

Before you approach providers for free products to review, You will want to show you have attracted a reasonable after on social networking.

Ideally You’ll Have posted some vaping-related articles already. This might be only videos, photos or posts demonstrating your reactions to stuff you have just bought.

Follow the following steps to get yourself setup as a vape Product tester:

First, set up (or use your present ) social networking channels. Then begin getting involved by joining vaping neighborhood groups. Comment on posts, follow others, offer help and ideas.

You may also share your personal vaping experiences or reactions to new products that you’ve tried.
Wait till you have accumulated enough followers, enjoys, etc and also have posted some well-received content relevant content.

After that, send out an email to the online shop whose products you’ve got already tried (and liked) or else those you would like to check / review.

Explain who you are, then add a link to your channel(s) in the email.This shows that you have a presence in the vaping community. If you have already established some really stunning review content of a product you’ve purchased yourself, add a hyperlink to this specific article, too.

And don’t neglect to mention the amount of likes or hits it got.If you’re lucky, you’ll get a response offering a free sample of the product you asked for.

You may also get instructions concerning the desired arrangement of your own content. This normally means hashtags and links to a specific page on the shop website. Should they ignore you and you have real value as a reviewer, it’s their loss. Contact more businesses!

Check your social media account to find out if permissions are required for promoting goods. Most require a reversal of settings and at least notification of everything you are planning to do.This is also a vital step if later on you want to actually monetise whichever channel you’re using.

Dealing with pressure from vape stores

The hardest Aspect of becoming a vape gear hitter is that the Constant fear that shops will reject your testimonials if you don’t say pleasant things about their goods, regardless of whether you really like them or not.

It’s quite common for vape stores that offer free products to Frequently anticipate excellent reviews in return for their generosity, and may indeed refuse to ship you any more equipment if you don’t play together.

Many reviewers are Delighted with this situation and keep playing In the longer term however, heaping constant undeserved praise on which often turn out to be mediocre products will end up damaging your ethics and standing as a reviewer.

In the longer term though, heaping constant undeserved praise on What frequently turn out to be mediocre products will end up damaging your integrity and reputation as a product tester.

How to review a vape merchandise you didn’t enjoy

If you do have some real issues with a product you’ve examined, Be make these apparent in your critique, but try to get this done in a constructive way (i.e. as a proposal for future design modifications) instead of simply by trashing the product or brand outright.

With moderate praise for things you do like about it (you can always find a couple!) — even though your general impression of this item is negative.

If one the other hand you hated whatever product you Tested or assessed, the cleverest way ahead would be to contact the shop and inform them hated it and don’t feel comfortable reviewing it.

Typically, they will love your honesty and keep you on Board as a reviewer, regardless.

Make your reviews enjoyable, enlightening, helpful — and Original!

But you Opt to go about reviewing e-cig hardware or E-liquids, remember that in order for them to be prosperous, your reviews should be fun, informative and above all helpful to those that you would like to react to them.

Before You Begin reviewing any merchandise in Any Way, make sure to Spend some time watching and studying reviews by established reviewers . In this manner, you’ll get an idea about exactly what works and how you can carve your own niche within the vape review globe.

Yourself and producing truly original content is considerably more successful and in the end will make you stand out from the audience.

How To Become Vape Product Tester

Reviewing the Goods and getting paid for this Can be a perfect side hustle. And when it comes to vape product testing, you can enjoy a good deal and eventually become a vape tester.

The best part is that you can easily become a And the entire process is completely online. If you would like to understand how to become a vape product tester, browse the full article.

In addition, there are a lot of opportunities for an Incentive.

So, when you apply for a side hustle, try to Become a vape product tester. And for this function, you must know how to become a vape merchandise tester.

How To Become A vape Product Tester? Step-By-Step Guide

Becoming a vape tester is as simple as 1,2,3… So if you are interested in advice, you have landed in the perfect location.

There are a Whole Lot of companies that will supply You with vaping goods and cover you for testing their product, even before introducing them into the market.

Some famous vape companies in this respect are and KandyPens.

Thus, let us start and understand practically how To turn into a vape product tester

1. Find the official company website.

2. Sign up and fill out the Item tester form

3. Once you’ll get approved, you can log into and Start working.

4. But listen, you have to work on your own profile. Build a strong file which will assist the business a very clear idea of who you are, everything you do and how can you help them out. Your relevant experience and comprehensive understanding of testing and reviewing are also quite beneficial.

You can display your portfolio at the profile And get accepted. Don’t forget to mention your interests. If you can give some special supplies, you’ll be chosen e.g. if you’re available over 30 hours every week, etc..

1. So, here the question arises, what will you Have to do as the vape merchandise tester? The solution is that there are various testing manners and you’ll be guided for the different tasks.

Typically, you’ll be asked to fill out Different polls, fill out lengthy forms, test the vape goods, and give your honest comments, plus even more.

1. You’ll be asked to Offer the hyperlinks to your social accounts. Here I want to mention that today most firms are selecting product testers from social websites.

2. A company You’re working with may ask you for Your yearly financial information. Thus, whenever you receive this email from the business site, never hesitate.

For vape reviews. They will send you complimentary products for analyzing and will send you more when they like your honest comments.
Just how Much Vaping Companies Purchase Product Review

Many folks also ask the same question after Learning how to become a vape merchandise tester. To your surprise, a vaping company can pay you around $20 a hour. So, I think it’s not a terrible deal to spend your leisure time in product testing and reviewing.

The Way to Buy Vape Products For Review

It Might sound easy, but it is not. It requires a whole lot of time, you have to review products that you don’t care about, and you’re probably gont suck first.

But don’t worry — you will get better and finally get superior products. Ignore the haters (you are going to get them, we all do) and continue doing the thing. And as your channel develops, you’ll have more chances to find free products to review.

At first, you might be tempted to reach out to Companies for free goods, but if you’re not an established reviewer, do not waste your time. Trust me, I tried doing so at the beginning of my own vape reviewer journey and that I failed. I contacted approximately 50 businesses and none of them desired to work with me!

If you don’t have subscribers on YouTube, Followers on social media, or a lot of traffic in your blog, they are not interested. Companies use reviewers to promote their company or products, so they need people with influence.

As your channel develops, companies will Begin to notice.

You still don’t have vape stores banging on the door, there are some excellent companies who prefer to work with smaller reviewers.

BuyBest is one of the Newer distributors making a name for themselves recently, although they’ve been around for some time.

They’ve a great program where you can place an overview anywhere, like your website, social networking, forums, and sites, and they will pay anywhere from $3 to $50 for the review.

In case you’ve got a decent following, they accept orders from reviewers and will send free products. In my experience, they send a list of products they are interested in being reviewed and you also get to select 1-2 items to review. Learn more about their app .


If you have a good Following, they will willingly give you an opportunity but be prepared to perform well. I am not saying You Ought to lie on your review, but give them props for Sending you stuff, shout them out on societal, and make it worth their while.

My Reviews were positive, but they decided to not work together with me after the very first time. That’s okay, I understand. But they gave me an opportunity and that was awesome of them.

Heaven Gifts

The folks over at Heaven Gifts are great. They work with a lot of lesser-known reviewers and they send out products that are brand new and have only hit the market.

But if you are a smaller reviewer, you’re going to find the inexpensive stuff, like a 20 sub-ohm tank which may not sell also. Still excellent products however! Usually. Go into their contact page to send them a message

SourceMore is A fantastic distributor based from China and as such, they have access to tons of goods. I’ve also found that they usually run some very good deals, so I have no problems whatsoever recommending them to my readers.

They will often allow you to pick the products that you need to review. I am not totally sure about their criteria, but I believe you will need somewhere over at least 1,500 readers until they will work with you.


They require at least I have yet to fulfill their criteria, so that I really don’t know how they work, but that’s exactly what they told me when I asked.

If you do, send them a message either on their website or on Facebook and they’ll get back to you fast to let you know if you make the cut.

In addition they have a Product Reviewers petition page, but I’m not sure how up-to-date it is because they do not talk about it anywhere on their site.

GearBest was one Of the first firms to ever work with me. As time passes, my contact at Gearbest abandoned for another job and the person who filled his shoes never followed up with me, therefore I no longer get anything out of them, but I will always be thankful to them for helping me get my start.

If they were eager to work with me with less than 500 subs, there is a fantastic chance they will work with you in the event that you reach out to them. They have a Guru Program page at which you can ask to work with them.

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